MG ranks second in the Egyptian market

Eh Hussain

Al-Mansour Automotive Company announced the approval of the marketing, sales and after-sales plans for the most famous brand of MG car for the new year 2022.
This is after the great successes the car achieved last year, which was Among the most important, the maintenance and after-sales service centers increased by more than 56% in the year 2021, bringing their number to 28 After-sales service center.
During the year 2021, 7 new centers were opened; Including 3 in the governorates of Greater Cairo, and one center in Mansoura, Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada, and Ismailia, in addition to an increase in the number of tears in the already existing service centers. MG also achieved high growth rates in spare parts sales during the past year, and sales rates increased 5 times the previous rates by 2019 %, which is due to the company’s efforts to provide spare parts for different models of MG of various types, with a percentage of 600 % of its total parts and the availability of these parts in all service centers
MG cars witnessed growth rates at the general level in the Egyptian market, in a way that made them the largest growing brands At the level of the Middle East region, which has been reinforced by the diversity of its models to suit all tastes and meet the needs of customers.

This is in addition to an increase in the flow of cars to MG service centers by more than double the number for a year 2020, and sales rates have reached 2019 ,600 car up more of 2019 % in TTL sales for the year before last 2021.
MG has also achieved success at the level of the Egyptian market classifications over the past three years, making it jump from the position to the center 23 in general 2020 , and from there to the fifth place in general 2020 down to the last classification in 2021 between the first and second places until the last quarter, which settled in second place.
The MG team also confirmed that the achievements of the brand ranked 2 in the Egyptian market rankings. , due to customers’ confidence in MG cars that meet their needs and desires, not only at the level of prices, but also at the level of technical specifications, and the many capabilities that MG enjoys, which made it the preferred car for the Egyptian consumer.

He pointed out that after-sales services are among the factors that helped achieve those high rates of sales and after-sales services, which make MG the most appropriate choice in the Egyptian market. .
The team added that MG has large and expanded plans for the year

, which will see the launch of Two new models for the first time in the Egyptian market, with new features and specifications worthy of the MG name and the Egyptian consumer who is waiting for everything new for the most famous car in Egypt.

This is in addition to the continuation of MG to expand in the opening of new showrooms, and after-sales service centers, focusing mainly on locations that have not been covered so far, and also expanding in the locations of service centers that will be in Alexandria, Damietta, Kafr Sheikh, Mahalla, and Luxor.
and the determination to start adopting MG’s plans for digital transformation at the level of all the services we provide To facilitate access to customers, and to provide them with easier and faster practical experiences in all what we provide, whether sales or after services.