Ismaik explains the similarities between Russia's intervention in Syria and Ukraine

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Ismik: The Ukrainian crisis will last for a long time and will not end easily

Ismik: Russia always has a strategic goal that goes beyond military operations

Ismaik: Russia has benefited from the almost complete impotence of its opponents in the West

The writer and thinker Hasan Ismaik said that Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, and his military operation is still going on there, with all strength and determination, and without Paying attention to all the threats and threats issued by the West, “cold and slow,” compared to the heated and escalated events, and economic sanctions targeting Russian individuals and government institutions and others. In fact, the Russian Defense Ministry says that orders have been given to the Russian forces to launch a large-scale attack from all sides in the region. Ukraine.

Ismik indicated that Putin did it in Ukraine as he did in Syria before, and if some think that the situation in Ukraine is different in terms of Russian interference in it targeting the state and the government, unlike it in Syria Where he came to support the Syrian state, but the similarities between the two cases, whether in terms of the connection with the international conflict, or in terms of the severity of the internal crisis, or in terms of the exacerbation of human suffering Citizens’ friendship, much more than this passing difference.

Continued: The first and most important similarity between the two countries – Syria and Ukraine – is that Russia has made them an arena for its struggle with regional and global powers as well, with the aim of reasserting itself as a power It is a feared superpower, and that countries and other world powers should take Moscow’s concerns, concerns and interests into consideration, seriously and as a priority. What is clear, Moscow was never shy, yesterday in Syria and today in Ukraine, it intervened in the first at high levels, directly through its forces and equipment, and indirectly by handing the Syrian army equipment and selling modern military systems and training its forces, and it continued until it achieved its main goal – albeit partially – so it was completed. Cessation of almost all military operations on most of the Syrian territory.

He pointed to the Russian forces’ invasion of Ukraine today; With the same high level of involvement, it will strike on several fronts and destroy the airports, camps and bases of the Ukrainian forces, and I think that this process will take a long time, but in return it will not be completed before Russia achieves all the goals it wants, according to the statements of its official officials since the start of the military operation.

Ismaik emphasized that this is the greatest “danger” posed by any Russian intervention anywhere in the world, whether for the benefit of a government or against it. Russia always has a strategic goal that goes beyond military operations, which Moscow launches as a mere tool, Through it, he gained influence, power and prestige at the international level, to confront the European West to some extent, and the American first and foremost.

He noted that Russia was able to benefit from the state of almost complete impotence shown by its opponents, and the extreme reluctance to take action Any meaningful step, this is what allowed the Russian leadership to raise the intensity of the confrontation to high levels in Ukraine today.