El-Sherbiny Media: Real estate developers' spending on social media ads doubled in two years

Eman Al-Wasili

Mahmoud El-Sherbiny, CEO of


“Mahmoud El-Sherbiny Media Consulting” about the company’s acquisition of more than 60% of the electronic marketing contracts “Social Media” in companies Real estate development in the Administrative Capital during the current year 2022,

El-Sherbiny said that the real estate sector is witnessing great marketing competition, especially With regard to e-marketing campaigns and the development of websites for real estate developers and their projects in the Administrative Capital, this comes in conjunction with the demand from customers for projects offered in the Administrative Capital and the large and diverse projects and competition between developers,

He added that the real estate developers’ spending on funded advertisements in various social media has doubled during the past two years, especially in light of the Corona virus crisis,

El-Sherbiny pointed out that “the marketing of “Electrony” is considered the most accurate advertising means in delivering the message directed to customers through the power of targeting and helps to continue selling at all times without stopping as it is not linked to specific dates where customers can be reached at all times, whether in work or leisure times.
He added that El-Sherbiny Media succeeded in contracting with more than 60% of real estate developers in the Administrative Capital to present ideas and campaigns Funded marketing on various social media pages and others,

He indicated that the company started its business in the Egyptian market a year ago. 2010 with Egyptian capital, and it was one of the first companies that had a prominent role in promoting the importance of electronic theft, as well as being an authorized agent for the social networking site “Facebook”, as the agency was only approved in Egypt for one company other than our company. He added that El-Sherbiny Media owns A strong precedent outside the real estate sector qualified it to impose its brand in the real estate market, for example, Vodafone and Samsung