Tenth of Ramadan investors receive the Yemeni ambassador and 20 Yemeni investors to discuss strengthening investment and trade cooperation between the two countries

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The Tenth of Ramadan Investors Association received this morning, Tuesday, the Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen in Cairo, Muhammad Ali Marem, and Mr. Muhammad Al-Mujahid, Chairman of the Egyptian Yemeni Business Council, and Anwar Ahmed Al-Malhaq Trade in the Yemeni embassy is accompanied by more than Yemeni investors, to discuss ways of cooperation and trade exchange between Egyptian investors and the Yemeni side in the sectors of trade. Food, ceramics, sanitary ware, electrical, paper, building materials and ready-made clothes.

The meeting was chaired by Dr. Samir Aref, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Tenth of Ramadan Investors Association, in the presence of Mr. Ayman Reda, Secretary-General of the group, and Mr. Bassiouni, a member The Association’s Board of Directors, Chairman of the International Cooperation Committee, Dr. Hala Salah El-Din, Director General of the Association, and a number of members of the Association.

Dr. Samir Aref welcomed the attendance, the Yemeni ambassador and all the investors accompanying him, stressing that Egypt seeks to achieve Investment and commercial integration between the Egyptian and Yemeni sides, stressing that there are successful experiences for the investor We seek to strengthen and develop Yemenis in Egypt in many fields.

Aref made it clear in his capacity as deputy of the Egyptian Federation of Investors Associations that Egypt is at your service and we will seek to cooperate with Yemeni investors in facilitating their mission inside Egypt with various parties and economic and governmental bodies in Egypt, praising that Yemeni merchants have an important imprint, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the fields of trade and investment. On its lands and promised them to contribute to overcoming all the obstacles they face in Egypt.

For his part, the Yemeni ambassador in Cairo, Mohamed Ali Marem, expressed his happiness at hosting the Tenth of Ramadan Investors Association, stressing that the Yemeni investor feels that Egypt His second country is supported by the orientations of the Egyptian political leadership, which seeks economic openness to coincide with the launch of the new Egyptian Republic. Of the million Yemenis in Egypt find it easy to deal with their brothers Egyptians, just as the Yemeni capital does not seek to leave Egypt as much as we love this country and in return for this country’s favor upon us.

The Yemeni ambassador in Cairo said that there are two main goals for us. Because we are importing from inside Egypt, and the second is that we have real stability for the Yemeni capital in Cairo

Ayman Reda, Secretary-General of the Tenth of Ramadan Investors Association, called on the Yemeni side to hold more meetings between the two sides in various fields. The investment and trade sectors to enhance cooperation and trade and investment exchange between the two countries and to overcome obstacles.

Mohamed El-Mogahed, Chairman of the Yemeni Business Council in Cairo, said that the Yemeni side is striving hard to increase trade exchange between the two countries, and one of our priorities is to establish an advisory council Inside the Yemeni Business Council, it collects all import requests and directs them to the Tenth of Ramadan Investors Association, which represents 46% of the Egyptian factories and the same The percentage in Egyptian exports.

Al-Mujahid added that the Yemeni investor seeks to return the favor to this country, which embraces more than a million and a half Yemeni citizens inside Egypt We will invite all Yemeni investors to invest in Egypt and increase trade exchange, and we will coordinate in Egypt more broadly to enhance cooperation in various fields.

The Yemeni side suggested establishing an Egyptian-Yemeni company as an Egyptian-Yemeni shipping line to facilitate the process Commercial exchange and navigation between the Egyptian and Yemeni sides. In this proposal, Dr. Samir Aref, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association, welcomed the association, stressing that it is also possible for us to conclude agreements with shipping companies to obtain all the necessary facilities.

On a related level, Mr. Bassiouni, member of the board of directors of the association and head of the international cooperation committee, said that the association opens its doors to enhance investment and trade cooperation between the two countries on the widest scale and contribute to overcoming all obstacles facing Yemeni investments in Egypt, noting that Egypt and Yemen are the wings of one bird, the Arab nation.

Dr. Hala Salah El-Din, Director General of the Society, suggested making a memorandum of understanding between the Society and the Consultative Center of the Yemeni Business Council to facilitate trade exchange, further communication and strengthen relations between the two countries.

The meeting ended with a shorter round The right side of the Investors Association is to increase several factories in the tenth of Ramadan, most notably Al-Ahram for Safety Systems and Arma for Food Industries