Under the patronage of the Prime Minister at the Dusit Hotel in the Fifth Settlement

د/مصطفي مدبولي Dr. Mostafa Madbouly

Aya Hussain

Abdeen and Salama inaugurate the Al-Ahram conference and exhibition “Capital of Hope 3” for companies in the Administrative Capital the day after tomorrow “Thursday”

Companies offer a distinguished group of residential, commercial, administrative and medical projects

Under the patronage of Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, Major General Ahmed Zaki Abdeen, Chairman and Managing Director of the Administrative Capital Company for Urban Development, and Abdel Mohsen Salama inaugurate Chairman of the Al-Ahram Board of Directors, the “Capital of Hope 3” exhibition, which is organized by the “Al-Ahram” Foundation for the third year in a row for companies operating in the new administrative capital, the day after tomorrow “Thursday” at the Dusit Hotel in the Fifth Settlement.
The conference and exhibition activities begin with an open meeting with Major General Ahmed Zaki Abdeen and the leaders of the Administrative Capital Company B The presence of real estate developers participating in the exhibition and journalists, followed by the official opening of the exhibition, which will last for 3 days and will conclude next Saturday. More than 241 will participate in this year’s edition of the exhibition. One of the most important companies operating in the New Administrative Capital, where they compete among themselves to present their projects, whose activities vary between residential, commercial, administrative and medical. Companies also offer surprises during the exhibition, including exclusive offers and discounts in prices and payment systems.
Major General Ahmed Zaki said that what was achieved on the ground in the administrative capital is evidence of the success of the Egyptian state in transforming the dream into In fact, the headquarters of the Administrative Capital for Urban Development Company has moved to work completely from within the administrative capital, and at the same time, the government has started to hold its meetings in the government district, and many projects and services have been completed within the capital, which is the biggest response to all the skeptics about our ability to challenge the difficulties.

Revealed that it is going on Preparations are currently being made for the listing of the Administrative Capital for Urban Development in the stock exchange, where several meetings were held with the president of the stock exchange and a number of companies, competent authorities and international expert houses to finalize the legal, financial and technical procedures for the offering. Saudi Arabia has chosen “CI Capital” to start the evaluation procedures for the company’s assets and properties in partnership with banks and specialized international expertise houses. Each stage includes a part of the company, especially with the implementation of the plan to transform the Capital Company into a holding company, from which a group of subsidiaries in roads, water, technology and others emerge.

He stressed that the organization of the prestigious “Al-Ahram” Foundation for the “Capital of Hope” conference and exhibition for the third year in a row is a great success for the New Administrative Capital project because this exhibition is a strong window to show The size of the achievement and shed light on what is being done One of the huge projects in the new administrative capital supported by the huge media and marketing capabilities of the Al-Ahram Foundation.850822

Abdeen indicated that the ministries are currently receiving their buildings and operating them on a trial basis, and it is scheduled that starting from next June, the final transfer of ministries and agencies will take place at the same time, and parliament sessions will also be held in the capital. In general, the month of June will be the beginning of operation The actual opening of the capital, as for the official opening will often be at the end of the year, which is the same timing as the opening of the Senate, whose construction began late due to the constitutional amendment that created the Senate.850822 The journalist writer Abdel Mohsen Salama, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “Al-Ahram” Foundation, stressed that supporting the Egyptian state in its ambitious plans to achieve a comprehensive economic renaissance is a national duty, and from here it began Al-Ahram Foundation for the third year in a row in organizing the “Capital of Hope” conference and exhibition, which is the first event of its kind, as it includes the projects of the new administrative capital implemented by national companies operating in the capital.
He added that the organization of this exhibition and conference comes as a continuation of the enlightening and patriotic role of the “Al-Ahram” Foundation in serving the nation’s issues and conscious of the value of the new administrative capital, which It is one of the most important smart cities in the world, as it is implemented using the latest construction technology. This event also comes from the great economic and urban value and the supreme strategic importance of the new capital, which is one of the most important and largest projects not only in Egypt, the Arab world, the Middle East, but also in the world. Also, from this standpoint, the “Al-Ahram” Foundation is keen to organize the third edition of the “Capital of Hope” exhibition and harness all its capabilities to continue its success as an extension of the remarkable successes witnessed by the previous two editions in the past two years, which contributed in a strong and influential way to the revitalization and popularity of the real estate market, and the exhibition is an extension of For the permanent partnership and continued success between Al-Ahram Foundation and the Administrative Capital for Urban Development Company.850822 Hisham Saqr, Director General of Advertising at Al-Ahram Foundation, said that the success of organizing this exhibition, which includes a selection of the most important working companies It is sponsored by the New Administrative Capital Company and with great support from Minister Major General Ahmed Zaki Abdeen, Chairman and Managing Director of the company. In what heralds a brilliant future on the economic and urban level, the positive effects will extend for many years to come and prove the strength and solidity of the new republic. They compete with each other to offer the best offers with the highest discounts and payment systems.