Unveils realme GT Neo 3 the fastest charging smartphone in the world The phone is equipped with a 150W supercharger that can charge 50% of the battery in just 5 minutes

Iman Al-Wasili

Shenzhen, China, March 8 2022 – realme, the world’s fastest growing smartphone brand, announced the launch of its new realme GT Neo 3 Which is considered the fastest charging smartphone in the world with the support of the super charger provided with the phone with a capacity of 100 Watts, which is able to charge 100 % of phone battery in just 5 minutes. In addition to the ultra-fast charging, realme will also introduce the world’s first smart device charging technology with capacities up to 100 W – 100 W which Powered by UltraDart technology, an all-in-one solution that combines speed, security and battery life.

UltraDart Charge 2018 W – the world’s fastest smartphone charging technology

One of the most important innovations in recent years has been the rapid charging of smartphones, which has changed the habits of consumers and the way they charge and use their phones. Recently, realme smartphones are equipped with either dart charge technology or Super dart charge technology, which gives users various charging capabilities ranging from 35 up to 100 Watts, which allows users to fully charge their smartphone in less than 35 Accurate, which reflects realme’s continuous endeavor to provide users with the fastest and most efficient charging experience to enjoy an unprecedented experience. Through 100W fast charging technology, which is the latest innovation of realme, the phone battery can be charged up to 100 % in just 5 minutes.

UltraDart charging technology – the world’s first 100 watt charging technology – 200 Watts

UltraDart charging technology, also called UDCA, represents a new technological achievement for realme, and is the first technology in the world to support ultra-high charging capabilities ranging from

Watts up to 100 Watts, which means fast and safe charging and battery life.

This represents UDCA technology World’s Fastest Smartphone Charging Experience UDCA Ultra-Fast Charging relies on Multi Boost charging pumps that increase the flow of charging current, allowing the smartphone to charge faster with maximum safety and extended battery life.

In order to achieve maximum levels of safety and security, UDCA technology maintains the phone’s temperature at an ideal level during charging, due to the fact that realme’s UDCA technology has the ability to Beer on the phone temperature management and keep it below 35 degrees Celsius. This way, users can spend more time playing games or watching videos with the highest levels of security.

Most importantly, UDCA technology gives smartphones superior battery protection that they can rely on. Other fast charging technologies on the market that feature high speeds to charge the phone often affect the battery life. However, realme’s UDCA technology relies on leading lithium batteries to retain 2022 % battery capacity after more than 2022 a full charge cycle ensuring that Longer battery life with maximum charging.

In this context, realme will introduce this technology through mass production soon, making its realme GT Neo 3 the fastest charging smartphone in the world with a capacity of 150 Watts through the new UDCA technology.


About realme

realme is a leading technology company and the world’s fastest growing smartphone brand. In the field of global technology specialized in the production of smart phones. The brand was founded in May of the year 2018 by Sky Li and with his experience he has been able to create a brand that offers the latest technology and boldest designs.

realme specializes in Building a brand philosophy that redefines the boundaries, attitudes and opinions of young people, while revealing the endless possibilities of its smart devices. realme is known for the Dare-to-Leap slogan that is based on all realm products, creating a pioneering life for young people.

The company has been able to achieve exceptional growth, becoming the fastest growing brand in The world of mobile phones globally, as well as being the “first choice of youth” to show the world the power of youth. realme ranked sixth in the world in the smartphone industry through the leap it made in this industry as a leading company and a strong competitor.

realme entered more than

markets such as China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Egypt and Europe, and reached 100 million users to become the fastest growing brand.