Farhat Group: The food and restaurant sector has not been affected by Corona… and we seek to open a new branch in the Administrative Capital next June

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Nora Farhat, Executive Director of the Group Farhat Food and Restaurants, the Egyptian market is a promising market, pointing out that the food and restaurant sector has fully recovered with the recovery from the Corona pandemic, especially since its impact was limited during the Corona pandemic.
Regarding the group’s expansions, she said that it is expected to open the new branch of the Farhat group in Amourada compound, on the first of June of this year in preparation for the summer months, noting that this branch is the fourth for the group. The choice of that place came due to its proximity to the new administrative capital, stressing that there is a contemplation of opening a new branch in the capital

. She indicated that any new branch that is opened provides nearly 100 direct job opportunities, as well as indirect job opportunities from food and beverage suppliers, stressing that the group did not overdo any worker during the pandemic period.
Nora Farhat added in statements Journalist, that the crisis of Russia and Ukraine has not affected the restaurant sector so far and there have been no increases, pointing out that prices may rise if suppliers raise prices, due to the current crisis. .

She explained that the new branch in Amorada Compound is planned to be It serves all residents of the assembly area, and the surrounding areas, pointing out that Farhat Group plans to build new branches during the coming period. Regarding the group’s foreign investments, she said that the group has a branch in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and they received some other offers in new countries, but it has not yet been decided to enter any country. )
Nora Farhat pointed out that the name Farhat was not built out of nowhere, and gained fame because it depends on skill and the art of cooking grills, pigeons, kebabs, and many Egyptian popular dishes, and Farhat restaurants attract a large segment A lover of Egyptian food, as well as Arabs, whose first destination in restaurants is “Farahat”