Al Arabi President for Fertilizers: – Algeria will host the technical conference of the Federation during the last quarter of this year

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– Two convoys of agricultural extension to Algeria and Mauritania during the year Al-Hari

– The return of the agricultural and economic committees, communication, training, technology, and media to the Federation’s Board of Directors

Dr. Mohamed El-Taher Hawayen, President of the Arab Fertilizers Union, revealed the strategic plan of the Union during the coming period. There is no doubt that the Arab Fertilizer Union companies have been affected, such as Other sectors and institutions affected by the Corona pandemic, which caused great losses. business men “On the sidelines of the 40 forum The Federation The Federation aims to return the activities it organizes to normal through the participation of a large number of experts and concerned authorities in the fertilizer sector in order to exchange dialogue and opinions between manufacturers, traders, importers and exporters, as well as various Wrap up the actors in this vital sector in order to advance it.

Huayen added that the specialized committees and working groups in the union will begin to resume their activities and meetings It was also held on the sidelines of the Arab Fertilizers Forum in its 68 session. Which Cairo resumed last week.

He added that several meetings of the Agricultural and Economic Committee, Communication, Training and Technology were held. And the media for their activities in order to contribute to the strengthening of the sector through a number of initiatives that were implemented by the union before the pandemic, and we aim to return their implementation, including agricultural extension convoys and the consolidation of communication through social media sites. Huayne explained that it was approved to launch a digital platform that includes a database and detailed information on the fertilizer sector in the Arab world, companies and the most important experts present so that experiences are exchanged regionally. 1136865 Hwayin 2

He indicated that the Federation is heading this year to Mauritania and will respond to the invitation presented to it by the officials Mauritanians to participate in the Economic Unity Conference next May, in which consultations will be provided in the field of fertilizers to launch investment projects in this sector.

Huayne pointed out that two agricultural extension convoys will be launched to Mauritania and Algeria this year, noting that these convoys have already been organized in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. He noted that the technical conference of the union will be organized during the last quarter of this year in Algeria, indicating that this conference is organized periodically among the Arab countries, as it was organized in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Jordan and Oman.)