Secretary General of the Arab Fertilizers Association: A great opportunity for Arab countries producing fertilizers to export to the African market through COMESA, which is chaired by Egypt

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– Lack of fertile agricultural land The scarcity of water resources makes us think about solutions outside the box.
Engineer Raed Al-Soub, Secretary-General of the Arab Fertilizers Union, said that the sessions of the forum and the number of experts and specialists who attended the Forum of the Arab Fertilizers Association

This year in Cairo yielded many positive results for the fertilizer industry and the entire sector. Al-Soub explained in exclusive press statements. for business men “The rate of fertilizer consumption in African countries will rise to 477 million tons during the next 5 years, while it was consuming 3.6 million tons during the past and current period, meaning there is a strong demand by about 9 million tons more than it was consuming

Al-Soub added that the Arab countries’ production of fertilizers is It represents about a third of the global production of fertilizers annually, and at the same time its consumption rate is low, not exceeding between 2-6% of the global fertilizer consumption, whether nitrogenous, potassium or phosphates.
The Secretary-General of Al-Arabi Fertilizers explained that the most important challenges facing Arab and African countries are the lack of fertile agricultural land and the scarcity of water resources, which makes it necessary to search for solutions outside the box and unconventional, which comes On top of it is the Arab-African cooperation in light of the wealth it enjoys of arable lands. Egypt is currently chairing the COMESA. It is a step for that and the start of cooperation with the COMESA countries, which must be worked on so that the large production capacities of fertilizers are used to raise the agricultural capabilities of African countries, and achieve Arab-African food security.
Al-Soub pointed out that the challenges of the fertilizer sector are represented in oil and gas, which greatly affect the fertilizer market, as well as a special focus on the fertilizer market in Africa. And the great development that took place in this market, b As well as providing models to guide Arab companies to contribute to the development of agriculture in African countries.