The General Federation of Chambers of Commerce: – Operations room for daily follow-up to provide all goods in the markets and full cooperation with the government to control prices.

Books: Fathi Al-Sayeh

– Intensive communication with the parties to the production chains and Distribution to provide all commodities as and geographically.

– Completion of preparations for “Welcome Ramadan” in all governorates, and the discounts this year will range Between 20 to 79 % on all commodities.

Engineer Ibrahim Mahmoud Al-Arabi, President of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce and President of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce announced The formation of a central operations room in the Federation of Chambers of Commerce working around the clock, in addition to operations rooms for follow-up and analysis in the chambers of commerce in all governorates of the Republic to ensure the quantitative and geographical availability of all commodities in the markets, stressing the existence of full cooperation with the government’s efforts to provide the largest possible availability of commodities to control market mechanisms And controlling any unjustified changes or rises in prices. Daily with all the efforts and information available with the Crisis Management Committee in the Council of Ministers, to confront any reasons that impede the flow of internal trade movement, affecting the availability of goods in the markets, and the immediate follow-up of the commercial movement, and full coordination between government officials and the private sector, which contributes to the availability of various goods at reasonable prices and at In a way that achieves a clear vision for the government towards the situation to take the appropriate decision in this delicate period that is witnessing a rise in prices in various countries of the world and a doubling of global inflation rates affected by global political tensions and international economic sanctions against Russia and the halt in the movement of commercial supplies from Ukraine.
He explained that coordination is taking place with all commercial production and supply chains and the government regarding the provision of various commodities to consumers during the month of Ramadan, in addition to intensifying coordination with the governorates. To prepare the requirements for offering Ramadan and various consumer goods, provided that all preparations are completed within days, noting that the Ahlan Ramadan exhibitions will offer all goods with discounts ranging from 13 to me 30 % of the normal prices, and demanded the Egyptian consumer not to resort to the purchase method for the purpose of storage in order to avoid causing sudden pressure on the volume of supply in the markets, stressing the availability of all commodities in large quantities Sufficient for the needs of local markets, and that the Chambers of Commerce, in cooperation with all parties of the production and distribution chains, are working to increase the supply in different markets, and there will be no shortage of goods. Noting that coordination is scheduled between the Ministry of Supply and the Chambers of Commerce, regarding the list of goods and their fair prices that guarantee the rights of the producer, merchant and consumer, in accordance with market mechanisms.
Al-Araby praised the role played by the heads of the chambers of commerce in all governorates of the Republic in the instantaneous follow-up of the movement of markets in the governorates by monitoring all price changes or any shortage in the supply of goods, He also praised the important role played by the sales outlets of the National Service in the Armed Forces in providing all commodities at reasonable prices in order to achieve a balance in the movement of markets. Al-Arabi stressed that the exploiters of crises and those who raise From any emergency economic conditions to achieve personal profits at the expense of security and community peace, they do not deserve the status of a merchant, indicating that the commercial code of honor requires reducing the profit margin and working to raise the volume of sales to achieve acceptable profits that do not come at the expense of the consumer, stressing the Chambers of Commerce’s rejection of any practices Monopoly or manipulation of the availability of goods in the markets to pressure the consumer and the national economy to achieve personal gain.

He added that the chambers of commerce An integral part of the national fabric of society, and that the merchant himself is a consumer of goods that he does not trade in, stressing that the consumer is the most important link in the commercial process.