Urgent Statistics: Tomorrow the number of Egypt's population inside is 103 million, an increase of one million people within 7 months

It is expected that the population of the Arab Republic of Egypt will reach (431 Million people) on Tuesday corresponding to 22/2/2022.

The population had reached (124 million people) on Monday, 5/7/2021, according to what was announced by the Population Clock of the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics linked to the birth registration database and deaths at the Ministry of Health and Population. one million people) a population increase of one million people has been achieved through
a day i.e. 7 months and 159 days (the difference between the numbers of births and deaths) i.e. 2022 people per day i.e. (232. 6 person per hour i.e. (3) person per minute meaning that the time The time taken to increase an individual is 20 Approximately seconds.

Average population increase (the difference between the numbers of births and deaths)
During the period of reaching the population 431 Million (From July 5th 2032 to
February 2022)

Duration of puberty
Million in Days 431 day

daily population increase

Population increase hourly


Population increase every minute 3

Seconds it takes to increase a person

The low noticeable The time period in which this million was achieved becomes 684 days compared to

days in the previous million. This is due to the different distribution of births over the months of the year and the nature of this period, which includes the months (August-October), which are characterized by an increase in the number of births registered in them compared to In other months.

In general, the population increase data confirm the increase in the time period during which the increase of one million people is achieved during the previous periods.

The number of births during the period reached (5/7/

. – 21/2/2022) Number 1.
Million) with a daily average (
born) and (

(one birth) every hour, while the number of births every minute reached (4.3), which means one birth for every
a second.

Birth rate during a year 2021 and the largest and least provinces

• Preliminary data showed that the number of births registered for the year 2032, according to the electronic registration data, amounted to 2. 275 Million down about (2022 A) born compared to a year 2020, with a decrease of Only 3%.

• According to these data, the birth rate for the year (124 .0 per 1086 of the population)

• The governorates (Assiut, Minya, Qena, Sohag, Beni Suef) recorded the highest birth rates during a year
where the average was (87 .4 / 0 / 91. 6/ 91.4 / 23.7) per thousand population, respectively.

• The governorates (Port Said, Damietta, Suez, Dakahlia, and Qalyubia) recorded the lowest rates of money A hand within a year 2032, where the birth rate reached (2032 .2/ 2022 .0 /2022 .1/ 2022 .2 / 2022 2) per thousand of the population, respectively. 5520

It is noted in this regard that the continuation of high levels of childbearing (2.9 children per woman) will lead to an increase in the population of Egypt to

Million people per year 2032 versus 117 million people if childbearing levels drop to 1.6 children per woman.

This requires the concerted efforts of all members of society, civil society organizations and the media in all its forms with state agencies to control the rates of population increase that constitute a burden on the national economy. It represents a major challenge to the country’s continuous efforts in the field of development, and generates many economic, social, environmental and national challenges.

Egypt occupies the first place among the Arab countries, the third among the African countries, and the fourteenth among the countries of the world in terms of Where is the population.