Shatbly raises $1.2 million in financing to solve the finishing crisis in the Egyptian real estate market

Eman Al-Wasili

6898765 Shatbly, the Egyptian startup, has succeeded, and it is the first An electronic platform specialized in the design and implementation of decoration and finishing works, in obtaining a financing of 1.2 million US dollars, with the aim of achieving its vision and expansion plans in the Egyptian real estate development sector and consolidating the principle of digital design and construction and implementing it on the ground.

The “Shatbly” platform was established in

by Egyptian businessman Mostafa Amer, to bridge the A large gap that the real estate market suffers from due to the delay in the finishing of housing units and the lack of an organized market for them, and “Shatably” aims to bridge this gap by providing an innovative technical solution to the problems of designing and implementing decoration and finishing works facing customers within the Egyptian real estate market, so that this solution works on Reducing the time period, reducing the cost and raising the quality rates, through an interactive electronic platform characterized by flexibility and operating under the slogan “Choose the design of your home in minutes..and live within


The Shatbly platform relies on an easy and simple user interface, allowing customers to do By choosing the designs, materials, finishes and decorations of their residential units through simple steps, so that the platform displays prices with utmost accuracy, as this process takes place in a few minutes, after which the implementation work begins in a maximum period 30 Just one day.

For his part, Mostafa Amer, founder and CEO of Shatbly Company, said: “We have concluded To this innovative solution after living in the real estate market that lasted for decades, and after many experiences, Shatable was settled as the best model that helps solve a major crisis suffered by the Egyptian real estate market, clients and developers alike, which is the length of the finishing period and the resulting disputes, whether from the price discrepancy Or the poor quality provided, especially in luxury housing units.”

Amer added: “We launched the Shatbly platform based on studies confirming The finishing market accounts for 500 % of the revenues of the Egyptian real estate market, which exceeds its value 62 Billion dollar Annually, which confirms that there is a strong need for the solutions provided by “Shatably”, explaining that the financing collected by the company will be used to implement the company’s ambitious vision and implement the expansion plan that begins with covering residential complexes located in Cairo initially in the field of finishes and decorations within the Egyptian real estate market. The company aspires to expand in Providing the service to the rest of the governorates of Egypt.

Amer concluded his statements by emphasizing the strength of the company’s work team, which is characterized by integration, and includes decorative engineers. And experts and professional technicians in finishing works, along with a technical support team and a base of the best raw materials suppliers, all in order to ensure the customer obtaining the best quality in the shortest period of time within the appropriate cost limits and with very flexible payment methods in cooperation with several banks and financing institutions operating in the Egyptian market.