The Minister of Finance.. reviews the customs twinning agreement with Italy.. and confirms:

Books: Fathi Al-Sayeh Localizing distinguished international customs experiences to stimulate investment

Facilitating procedures.. Strengthening governance.. and developing anti-smuggling capabilities. Reducing the customs release time.. to reduce the cost of the import and export process

Head of the Customs Authority: Developing customs work keep pace with global trade changes

Benefiting from Italian experiences in estimating the value of shipments and customs duties

Evidence Guidance for customs assessment, transit and advance electronic information

Head of the Egyptian and Italian Institutional Twinning Project:

All support to enhance operational capabilities and Administration of the Egyptian Customs Authority

Dr. Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance, reviewed a report from El-Shahat Ghaturi, Chairman Customs Authority, on the executive position of the customs twinning agreement with the Italian side; Directing the deepening of customs cooperation with Italy and all countries of the European Union; In a manner that contributes to facilitating the movement of intra-trade, exchanging experiences, and settling distinguished international customs experiences; It leads to maximizing Egyptian efforts aimed at facilitating and mechanizing procedures. In a way that helps reduce the time of customs release, and thus reduce the cost of the import and export process, and create an environment conducive to investment, in addition to strengthening governance and developing capabilities to combat customs smuggling; To protect the country and citizens from any practices that harm the local industry, the economy, national security or public health, especially in light of presidential directives banning the entry of any goods into the country except with European quality standards as of next March. 221359 Al-Shahat Ghaturi, head of the Customs Authority, said on the sidelines of the third meeting of the steering committee of the institutional twinning project between The Egyptian Customs Authority and the Italian Customs Agency, that this project embodies the joint cooperation between the Egyptian and Italian sides, and is based on the customs procedures system for the best international practices; In a way that contributes to the development of customs work mechanisms to keep pace with global trade changes, and stimulate the investment environment by supporting the businesses of small and medium-sized companies, and meeting the needs of the commercial community.

He made it clear that we seek to benefit from Italian expertise in estimating the value of shipments and customs duties, to keep pace with quality standards and European best practices, and to come up with guiding guides. For customs assessment, transit and advance electronic information, pointing out that the third executive action plan translates the efforts made to raise administrative and operational efficiency, improve performance levels of customs work, and support procedures for reform and institutional development of the Customs Authority. 221359 The head of the Customs Authority expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Italian side for their efforts during the last period, which were reflected in organizing 27 workshops with cadres of the Egyptian Customs Authority on the best international practices of customs release systems, especially “risk management” systems, support for anti-customs evasion units, and identification and implementation of tasks and activities that are consistent with Priorities of the Customs Authority, and preparing guidelines for vital areas such as: “Customs assessment, transit, and advance electronic information.”

Giovanni Piccirillo, Head of the Egyptian and Italian Institutional Twinning Project, International Cooperation Officer at Italian Customs, praised the efforts of the technical work team at the Egyptian and Italian Customs departments, and developed a detailed work plan for the implementation of the twinning project. Which enjoys the support of the Italian government and the European Commission, stressing the Italian side’s keenness to provide technical support to enhance the operational and administrative capabilities of the Egyptian Customs Authority. Gitanoa Sasson, the technical expert for the Egyptian and Italian institutional twinning project, reviewed the twinning project report during the period from August 2021 to last January, pointing out that the activities planned during The period from the end of January 2022 to the first of March 2023 aims to support the Egyptian customs legislation, review the draft procedures manual, set human resources policies for customs employees, simplify and rationalize the organizational structure, and enhance the capabilities of the year Lean in Data Analysis; To develop customs procedures, expand the use of the “Accredited Economic Operator” program, combat evasion, post-review and protect intellectual property rights. The third meeting of the steering committee for the institutional twinning project between the Egyptian Customs Authority and the Italian Customs Agency was attended by: Ahmed Abul-Hassan, Head of the Central Administration for the Affairs of the Office of the Head of the Egyptian Customs Authority Walid Hussein, Director General of the Technical Office, Ali Galal, Director of Agreements Department, Nesma Naguib, Advisor to the Institutional Twinning Project with Italian Customs, Shahinaz Qutb, Assistant Expert on Egyptian Twinning, Atef Ibrahim, Adviser to the Head of the Customs Authority, Supervisor of the Central Department of Public Relations and Communications, Francesca Mazzuko, representing the European Union Commission in Cairo, Gitano Sasson, the resident twinning expert, Mohamed Hafez, the twinning expert’s assistant, and Hisham Selim, the trade and economy official in the European Union delegation in Cairo. )