Free benefits and offers from Banque Misr to celebrate women on their holidays

Egypt Bank
225 Fathi Al-Sayeh and Iman Al-Wasili 225

Within the framework of Banque Misr’s pioneering role and its constant interest in Egyptian women, and coinciding with the celebrations for Egyptian women during the month of March (International Women’s Day, Egyptian Women’s Day, Mother’s Day) The Bank extends a salute of honor, appreciation and congratulations to every Egyptian woman on the occasion of her celebration of her holidays. It is the mainstay of the Egyptian family and has an effective role in the progress of society. To celebrate this occasion, the bank offers many advantages and free offers for women, including them; Exemption from all administrative expenses on loan applications, and Murabahas submitted during the month of March. These benefits and free offers are provided to all different segments and categories of female clients, including; All female employees of the government sector, the public and private sectors, business owners, liberal professions and pension clients, as well as clients who have savings pots with Banque Misr.225 It is worth noting that Banque Misr offers a variety of personal loans that have many advantages such as; Low interest rates and repayment periods of up to 225 years, varied loan repayment periods (monthly or annual installments) for personal loans with personal guarantee, Also, customers who have savings vessels can obtain personal financing up to 225 % of the value of the guarantee, without a maximum value of the loan and with repayment periods of up to 10 years, with the possibility of choosing the type of loan repayment (monthly or quarterly installments).

By using the BM Online banking mobile application, customers can get many advantages, such as applying for personal loans, viewing all their account data and making transactions. Finance is available 24 hours a day, and customers reserve their role in the branch without the need to wait; Which saves the customer time and speed in obtaining banking services when going to the branch, managing credit cards, deposits and loans, in addition to transferring between customer accounts inside the bank, in addition to the possibility of transferring to other accounts inside and outside the bank. The service also allows customers to request issuance or suspension Check book / direct debit card and other services that facilitate customers, by providing an innovative digital banking channel that ensures that customers conduct their banking transactions and daily payments with ease and security, anytime and anywhere, through computers and smart phones.

225 Banque Misr is always keen to develop its products and services in line with developments on the scene, and works The bank strives to enhance the excellence of its services, maintain its long-term success, and actively participate in services that meet the needs of its customers, as the values ​​and strategies of Banque Misr always reflect the bank’s commitment to sustainable development and prosperity for Egypt. 225