“Captain Development” participates in the “Capital of Hope” exhibition with exclusive offers and prices

Ashraf Tawfik

El Captain Company for Tourism and Urban Development participates in the activities of the Capital of Hope exhibition, which will be held from March 10-12 at the Dusit Hotel in New Cairo. 39288
Ahmed Samir Fouda, head of the commercial sector at El Captain Company for Tourism and Urban Development, said that “The Captain” will participate in the activities of the Capital of Hope exhibition with exclusive offers for the first time and only. During the exhibition period, he indicated that the captain’s participation in the Capital of Hope exhibition is the company’s second participation. This comes in conjunction with the preparations to launch new phases of its projects in the new administrative capital and its project in Ras Sidr. He added that the company will offer units in the “Smart Mall” project, which is a commercial mall only in the new administrative capital, ground and 5 floors, as well as the “Smart Tower” project, which is a shopping mall. A medical administrative underway and it is a ground floor and 10 floors, in the Administrative Capital, and they are among the most distinguished projects in the capital, and he added that the company has already started implementing construction works, and this comes within the framework of the company’s plan to be one of the first companies to deliver their projects in the promenade area in the Administrative Capital,

Fouda added that the company intends to launch the “Zain Bay” project, which is located in the city of Ras Sidr, and is considered one of the most distinguished projects. In the Sinai region, it is an opportunity for the customer who wants to own a unit and not a usufruct right, and the customer owns a share in the project’s land, which is an integrated resort located in the kilo 03 from the tunnel of the martyr Ahmed Hamdi, and it is 44 minutes from the heart of Ras Sidr city

Fouda continued that all units overlook the sea, and will The first phase was delivered within two years, and the entire project was delivered within 3 fully finished years. The project includes various services, most notably a hotel, swimming pools, children’s play area, and security and guard services.