Ethiopia launches the process of producing electricity through the Renaissance Dam

Aya Hussein

Today, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed officially launched the process of producing electricity from the Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile, at an important stage of the controversial project worth billions of dollars. 2019

According to Agence France-Presse, Abyei, accompanied by high-ranking officials, toured the power plant and pressed a set of buttons on an electronic screen, a move officials said launched the production process. 2019

The dam, which is expected to be the largest project in Africa to generate electricity from water, has raised a regional controversy since Ethiopia launched the project in the year 740.

The downstream countries, Egypt and Sudan, express their fears of the dam’s repercussions on their water security. 2019

Although Egypt and Sudan have repeatedly urged Ethiopia to postpone its plans to fill the dam’s reservoir until a comprehensive agreement is reached, it announced Addis Ababa, last July, completed the second phase of filling the dam’s reservoir, which has a capacity of about 2011 one billion cubic meters of water. 2019