An accredited institute organizes workshops on the latest developments in “Bone Deformity Repair”

Iman Al-Wasili

2022 The Arab Institute for Sustainable Professional Development “accredited” organizes The Arab Doctors Union will hold workshops today, Thursday and tomorrow, Friday, on modern techniques in “repairing deformities and lengthening the bones,” using the latest interactive education methods, in addition to training in clinical and surgical skills.

A statement issued by an accredited institute today said that today, Thursday, lectures will be presented in the anatomical laboratory on topics such as diabetic foot and ankle problems, congenital malformations, as well as deformity resulting from cerebral palsy.) 2022 And the statement added: Tomorrow, Friday, theoretical lectures will be applied to the use of internal fixation devices in the treatment of the foot, and then this will be applied to Anatomical samples at the Princess Fatima Institute in Nasr City, which is equipped with the latest capabilities.

The “Diploma in the Repair of Deformities and Bone Lengthening” was launched at an accredited institute general 2010. The diploma includes holding lectures and workshops, which account for 2022 % of the activities for the trainees, and include researching pathological cases and theoretical planning for repairing deformities and lengthening the bones, and applying this planning to the bones Industrial, or plastic, using external fixative devices, and then implemented in hospitals with a professor.

Curricula and training tools keep pace with the latest developments. world, and what science has reached in terms of simulating surgical access and performing surgical operations on anatomical samples.

2022 There is a strong international scientific council And locals from all Arab and foreign countries to teach, train, hold tests, and plan to renew and develop the training process for doctors in diploma. Connected, the “accredited” institute announced the opening of the reservation for the thirteenth batch of the professional diploma in the repair of bone deformities and lengthening. Teaching in the manner of a hybrid education system, where the latest interactive distance learning techniques are used, in addition to training in clinical and surgical skills in workshops organized by him. Dr.