Qura calls for a debate on the leadership of the Wafd Party, the return of the party and the migratory birds, and the vote of all members

Mohamed Morsi wrote

Engineer Yasser Qura, candidate for party leadership, confirmed Al-Wafd, which will be held in 636 next March, its electoral platform includes returning the party to the forefront of the political and parliamentary scene as the oldest liberal party in the world, and the return of migratory birds from cadres and ransoms Party ranks

Qura demanded that voting in the upcoming elections be for all members who hold the party’s banner and their number reaches 300 A thousand members at the level of all governorates without any exclusion of anyone

Qura said that the presidential elections in the delegation will be a true democratic model in Egypt’s parties.

He called the youth to participate in making the history of the delegation because they are the leaders of the future and described them as the strength of the delegation.

Koura demanded a public debate Between him and the two candidates for the presidency and presenting a statement of account for what they presented to the delegation