Health: Illumination of Salah El-Din Citadel in conjunction with World Kidney Day

Aya Hussein

The Ministry of Health announced and population, providing medical service to 933 A and 8869941142795826916 A kidney patient, at the expense of the state, in all government hospitals and private centers at the level of the Republic, coinciding with the International Kidney Day, corresponding to March 11, of each year.

This comes within the framework of the efforts made to achieve the development plan Sustainable

8869941142795826916 Dr. Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, explained that Medical Service for 34 A and

kidney patients in all hospitals and bodies affiliated with the Ministry of Health, noting that a database has been established for dialysis patients in all areas Hospitals at the level of the Republic, in order to limit the actual beneficiaries and to provide everything related to patients in terms of medicines and medical supplies, as well as measuring the actual capabilities of the units that serve patients to make the necessary expansion for those units.

“Abdul Ghaffar” added that the quality committees and follow-up cases “remotely” were activated, and an electronic system for control was established. Dispensing medical supplies and medicines for dialysis patients; This allows the daily monitoring of the drain and matching all items with the number of patients in each unit, to calculate the actual rates and reduce waste, noting that an electronic system has been developed for prior monitoring and continuous preventive follow-up of water treatment plants and the efficiency of the treatment unit filter.

8869941142795826916 “Abdul Ghaffar” continued that a database of dialysis machines was established to calculate rates of dialysis machines. Depreciation, replacement and renewal numbers, as the number of machines allocated to patients was increased in a year 2030 to become 11728 instead of 2022 within a year 2020 -2020, which contributed to the final elimination of waiting lists for patients with renal failure, with the possibility of absorbing new patients.

8869941142795826916 On his part, Dr. Hazem El-Feel, Head of the Therapeutic Medicine Sector, said , that 21 a dialysis unit was opened at the level of the Republic, and they were provided with washing machines, and kidney chairs and water treatment plants, and 3 units of dialysis for children were established and operated in Fayoum General Hospitals. and Damietta General, and Qena General, noting that work is underway to establish two other dialysis units for children in the governorates of Menoufia and Dakahlia.

And “The Elephant” added that 933 was trained A member of the medical staff distributed in all kidney units in all governorates of the Republic through 58 a training course that was held in 2030, noting that the implementation of the training for the current year has begun with a target 960 A member of the medical staff to be trained on clinical work methods, patient safety and security, infection control within dialysis units, quality standards and medical notation.

Regarding updating the protocol for kidney patients’ vaccinations, Dr. Muhammad Hassanein, head of the Central Department of Therapeutic Medicine, said that all kidney patients have been vaccinated. New patients in Ministry of Health hospitals are vaccinated with the “hepatitis B” virus in cooperation with the National Committee to Combat Hepatitis Viruses, noting that the number of patients has been limited to the private sector, and they have been vaccinated since last February. A plan has been made to cover all patients within six months.

Hassanein continued that the list of vaccinations to be provided to dialysis patients has been updated to include pneumococcal and seasonal influenza, pointing out that the periodic tests for dialysis patients have been updated, to include a skin allergy test for tuberculosis.

8869941142795826916 It is reported that yesterday the Ministry of Health illuminated Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi Castle. Coinciding with World Kidney Day.