FACEKI Wins the Excellence Award in Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity

Aya Hussein The Bahraini FACEKI platform has won the Globe Award for Excellence in Artificial Intelligence in the field of cybersecurity, At the 18th Annual Global Cybersecurity Excellence Awards Ceremony 2022. These global awards are presented to cybersecurity and information technology service providers through advanced products, solutions and services that help raise the level of security in all technical fields. FACEKI is a Bahraini company specializing in digital identity verification and anti-fraud, providing a system For identity verification and user authentication based on artificial intelligence that allows verifying the identity of users in less than a second, thus increasing customer uptake and retention, which helps companies reduce significantly increase its costs and increase its efficiency and profits. Hamza Al Ghatam, Co-Founder and CEO, comments on the occasion: “We are proud to have won the Globe Award for Excellence in Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity this year. We believe that this honor confirms our commitment to our customers and their security needs through our tireless work in developing innovative and distinguished services. FACEKI had announced the closing of a (Pre-Seed) investment round at the end of last year led by Nama Fund Ventures, without disclosing its value.