Eating fast food causes depression, benefits and tips for laughter therapy

Dr. Muhammad Hafez Ibrahim

The World Health Organization has clarified that for many years, fast food places in various parts of the world continue to achieve huge annual financial profits, by relying on On delicious and quick meals, as well as special offers that are in line with the capabilities of the various segments of society. Fast food, especially on weekends and holidays, but the demand for fast food, and staying away from a healthy diet, is not without many serious health risks . Where a recent study of the British National Health Authority found that adolescents’ frequent consumption of fast food increases their risk of depression, experts found high levels of sodium and low levels of potassium in a group of middle school students who were studied .

The British National Health Authority experts explained research linking the consumption of fast food and the risk of suffering of depression, indicated by high sodium levels

These foods include fast food, frozen, and unhealthy light, and the study also indicated that low potassium is an indication of a diet lacking vegetables and fruits rich in this element, such as bananas and sweet potatoes. Avocados and tomatoes . A previous study indicated that a Mediterranean diet can help fight depression, as Experts note that the effect of this diet is very positive on mood, as it consists of fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, olive oil and fatty fish .

The British National Health Authority explained some tips to overcome depression. Where depression can make a feeling of helplessness, but there is a lot that can be done about treating depression, by changing some behaviors and lifestyle in addition to physical activity and even the way of thinking, which are all natural remedies for depression and that some health tips and foods and laughter help to Overcoming feelings of depression and improving stress, the most important of which are:

= Get a daily routine : If you’re depressed, says Dr. Ian Cook, you need a daily routine, and setting a daily schedule can help get you back on track.

= Setting Your Goals in Life: When you are depressed you may feel like You can’t achieve anything, and it makes you feel bad about yourself. To take a step back, set daily goals for yourself.

= Exercise : Post-exercise chemicals called endorphins temporarily promote complacency and may also have long-term benefits for people with depression.

= Healthy Eating: There is no magic diet that cures depression, however it is good to watch what you eat, and if depression tends to make you overeat, controlling your food will help. To feel better.

= Get enough sleep at night : Depression can make it difficult to get enough sleep, and lack of sleep can make depression worse.

= Taking Responsibilities: When you are depressed, you may want to let go of your responsibilities at home, at work But taking on daily responsibilities can help a person cope with depression.

= Challenge ideas Negativity: In your battle against depression, a lot of mental work is the way to change the way you think.

= Try to have fun: If you are depressed, make time for the things you enjoy.

= Avoiding Alcohol and Tobacco : Tobacco use and long-term alcohol use can change the way The German Health Authority has clarified some of the benefits of laughter therapy as it reduces stress and preserves the heart. Whether you laugh softly at a cartoon in the newspaper or laugh out loud at a sitcom on TV, laughter is good for people. It is no exaggeration to say that laughter is an excellent way to relieve stress. A deep laugh is one of the best emotions in the world. Together and form many bonds, there are amazing health benefits of laughter therapy and help in making positive long and short term changes in the body, the most important of which are:

= Laughter activates the body’s organs : Laughter therapy improves oxygen intake, stimulates muscles, lungs, and heart, increases endorphin secretion, and promotes better blood circulation than Helps prevent cardiovascular disease.

= Laughter reduces stress : When you feel stressed, the body produces the hormone cortisol and it has a bad reputation because it is known as the stress hormone, but it lowers blood sugar levels, reduces inflammation and regulates metabolism process. Laughter is one of the ways in which the body can help regulate cortisol levels, as laughter increases oxygen inhalation, which stimulates blood circulation and reduces and regulates cortisol levels in the body .

= Laughter improves heart health : Laughter Excellent cardio exercise, especially for those who are unable to engage in other forms of physical activity due to injury or disease.

= laughter improves mood: Laughter makes you feel happy and releases endorphins in the brain, and improves mood Even a short period of laughter can lower stress hormone levels Many people suffer from depression which can be exacerbated by chronic diseases, laughter can help reduce stress Depression and anxiety, and makes a person feel happy, can help to feel satisfied .