The Housing and Development Bank achieves remarkable growth in the bank's financial indicators for the year 2021

Books: Iman Al-Wasili and Fathi Al-Sayeh

The bank achieved the highest growth rates among listed banks in the stock exchange for the deposit portfolio by 33.47%20220311
And the highest growth rates in granting corporate loans by
It is one of the highest growing banks in equity with a percentage of 33.33 % and the highest net income from the return by 33.

The Bank has achieved an exceptional development in its financial indicators By the end of the year 2021. This comes in support of implementing its clear plan to transform into a comprehensive commercial bank. The bank was able to achieve total profits of more than two billion pounds for the second year in a row, despite the exceptional circumstances and the difficult economic effects that the Egyptian and global economy experienced during 20220311 As a result of the spread of the Covid pandemic-33 and its consequences Economic and exceptional measures to confront it.20220311

The Housing and Development Bank’s asset portfolio witnessed an exceptional boom, as the bank’s asset portfolio increased by 853.
%202203112022 Portfolio of loans and credit facilities

Housing and Development Bank achieved the highest Growth rates in granting corporate loans among the banks listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange, with a growth rate of 7% 853.

and achieved remarkable growth in Total individual loan portfolio at a rate of 47. 5%

This boom in terms of the facilities loan portfolio reflects the increased confidence of customers in the Housing and Development Bank According to the indicators, the loan portfolio jumped with a growth rate of 6%, which confirms the success of the policy of The Bank is to provide competitive banking services and products that are appropriate to the needs of all customer segments.

Customer Deposit Portfolio

The bank succeeded in achieving the highest growth rates among the banks listed on the stock exchange for the deposit portfolio, as the deposit growth rate reached

. 853 %, which reflects the success of the bank’s policy in enhancing depositors’ confidence
Ownership rights

on the level of rights Ownership has increased by 33. % This is one of the highest growth rates among the banks Listed on the Stock Exchange

Financial soundness indicators. These results have resulted in Improving the efficiency of managing the capital structure and enhancing the growth of the capital base, as the capital adequacy ratio increased to reach 25.58%

Development of Banking Services

In terms of developing its banking services, the Housing and Development Bank sought to develop its services to be at the forefront of banks that offer all new banking services and products that are compatible with the needs of all segments of customers and provide them in a competitive manner. With continuous follow-up to everything that is new in the banking arena and keenness on permanent development in its banking performance to maintain the confidence of its customers. In addition to geographical expansion and strengthening digital banking services in order to achieve the state’s directions to reduce cash transactions and enhance dealing with digital payment methods, in light of the full belief in the importance of expanding the use of electronic payments, in line with the policy of the Central Bank.

The credit for achieving these positive results is due to the success of the bank’s management In developing and implementing a tight plan of action over the past period, as well as the procedures and policies approved by the Central Bank of the banking sector to mitigate the severity of the crisis, along with the professionalism of the bank’s executive management, its board of directors and its employees to maintain stable financial levels and a strong financial position.