Celebration of the Egyptian Tax Authority with its children of determination (the first celebration of the Day of Loyalty to People of Determination)

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– The children of the authority with people of determination are essential partners in achieving the interest’s goals.

– This celebration will become an approach that the authority undertakes every year to celebrate its children of determination

Reactions of the people of interest from people of determination:

– Hussam Al-Masah: History will record the name of President Sisi in golden letters for his unprecedented interest in people of determination by issuing Law No. 65 for the year .

– Muhammad Al-Shafei: This wonderful festive day is the culmination of the tax authority for us for the sweat and effort we have provided over the course of our career

– Jamal Abdullah: The Tax Authority was able to restore to us, through the first version of the People of Determination celebration, many spirits that we had been missing for a long time.

“Reda Abdel Qader, Head of the Egyptian Tax Authority,” stressed that within the framework of the political leadership and the state and His Excellency the Minister of Finance in all its institutions, in an unprecedented manner with people of determination and making all efforts to integrate them into society and benefit from their energies and an initiative And shedding light on the successful models of them in various fields in various activities such as youth conferences and forums, and the continuous quest to overcome the difficulties in front of them, the Tax Authority organized the first celebrations to honor the people of determination among its children, believing in their important role in the interest and in appreciation of their efforts they made in performing their work to achieve The Authority’s objectives, pointing out that this celebration will become an approach that the Authority undertakes every year to celebrate its children of determination, praising the accomplishments achieved by the Authority’s people with special abilities in various sports, cultural, educational and other fields. The “President of the Tax Authority” praised the role of the people of determination, explaining that they are essential partners in the success of the Egyptian Tax Authority in order to achieve its goals in providing the tax proceeds that represent the backbone of the state’s general budget, which contributes to building society and implementing development projects in a way that contributes to In the renaissance of the country and raising the standard of living of citizens, all thanks to their efforts and the achievements they achieve, which we are pleased with and always push us forward, saying that we are all chiefs and subordinates who do everything Efforts and doing more work, effort and seriousness to reach the interest to the ranks of global revenue interests.

For his part, “Mukhtar Tawfiq, Vice President of the Tax Authority,” during the celebration, expressed his appreciation to the authority’s people of determination, saying to them “We learn from you the strength of management, persistence, patience and contentment. We learn from you that we can work, achieve, and advance regardless of the challenges and circumstances.” In order for the Egyptian Tax Authority to implement all projects related to mechanization and digital transformation and to provide distinguished electronic services to financiers through a long-established interest that uses the latest technological means in performing its work. He delivered during the celebration that the state gives special care to the category of people of determination in terms of providing daily facilities and services to them in order to make the lives of people of determination easier and smoother, stressing that the state always seeks to rehabilitate this category so that it integrates into society and be an important and effective element.

And Vivian Fouad, head of the Central Administration for the Development of Talents” It is a matter of pride and pleasure to see the people of determination achieve many impressive results in various fields, which proves the extent of their ability to defy difficulties, and I assure you in this context that the interest spares no effort in order to support them and enable them to face challenges and overcome and to provide the best ways to care for them, in application of the principles of equal opportunities, equality and non-discrimination. People of Determination are under the auspices of Mr. Reda Abdel Qader, Chairman of the Authority, in gratitude for their extraordinary effort and contributions that they have made in order to achieve the objectives of the Tax Authority, and to implement all the machinery and digital transformation projects that it is witnessing. Tariq Farag thanks the Chairman of the Authority for his welcome and interest in organizing this celebration, explaining that the Chairman of the Authority has directed that this celebration be held every year in celebration of the Authority’s children of determination. Kamel, Director General of Complaints and Citizens Service” that what was presented today to the people of determination working in B For the sake of it, it is nothing but a message of pride and appreciation, and it is the least that is offered to them for their efforts at work, pointing out that this occasion came in accordance with the directives of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, passing through His Excellency the Minister of Finance and Mr. The concept of integration among all members of the tax body, saying that what made me happy today is the reactions of the children of workers of determination.

The workers of determination honored in this celebration expressed their great happiness, and their joy with this interest, which They witnessed it by the head of the department, leaders and all colleagues, emphasizing that they will continue to make effort and giving as long as their feet are still walking on the ground. Al-Dustour, “with what he witnessed during the ceremony of feelings of love and containment for the people of determination among the workers and their children, and this was evident in the audience who did not stop applauding throughout the events, saying at the end of his speech I thank President Sisi, whose name will be recorded in history in letters of gold for his unprecedented interest in the people of determination by issuing the decree. Anon No. 65 for the year 2022 Concerning the rights of people of determination, as well as the law to prevent bullying.

“Jamal Abdullah, Head of the Central Administration of Beni Suef Region” indicated that the Tax Authority was able to return to us through the first version of the celebration People of determination are many spirits that we have been missing for a long time, which prompted me to bow in homage and appreciation to those in charge of this great festive day, and we hope that it will be repeated every year on the same date. “I considered this wonderful festive day a culmination from the Tax Authority for the sweat and effort that we provided over the course of our career, and I pray to God to help us all for the good of our country Egypt.” Director General of Guidance and Control, “The idea of ​​celebrating people of determination is a positive reflection of the development of the interest’s thought, not only at the technological level, but also at the human level, adding that caring for people of determination has become a form of loyalty that contributes to the tax authority’s support for its working children.”

At the end of the ceremony and during the honoring, the sucker Urge to distribute certificates of appreciation and memorial shields to her children of determination in appreciation of the effective role they play in raising the name of the Egyptian Tax Authority.