Tamer Hosny supports traveler Reham Abu Bakr to enter the Guinness Book of Records

Eh Hussein

The star Tamer Hosny was keen to send a message of support to the Egyptian traveler Reham Abu Bakr, through the Story feature of his account on the Instagram photo and short video exchange site, where the star of the generation wrote: “Reham Abu Bakr is an upcoming world champion and a new world number, God willing, with our support for all of her.”

202110280136573657 The star of the generation, Tamer Hosni, added in his post about her: “Reham decided that she is working on a touristic activation and drew attention to Egypt, the mother of the world, through a bold, not ordinary idea that needs a steel hero. Indeed, and it is that she walks on her feet all of Egypt, she will walk 1722 a kilo from north to south.” And Hosni continued: “I wish all the support from our great youth and from all sides and Egyptian institutions and all Television stations and all electronic sites to adopt Reham and follow the journey of the awaited Egyptian heroine, and I hope that throughout her journey there will be a medical team dedicated to her safety. Tamer Hosni joked with the traveler Reham Abu Bakr, saying: “I am Reham, God willing, if I do not have a job, I will follow your steps and I will wait for you in the nearest area. (Reham Abu Bakr, an Egyptian traveler, studied geography, and made her passion a work that spreads the culture of geographical and environmental tourism by organizing trips to parts of Egypt that no one visits, based on geographical maps that she memorized by heart, and enriching tours with what she learned, and with stories and events organized in cooperation With the locals for each shrine.