The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development announces the citizen investment plan for Alexandria Governorate for the year 21/2022

Aya Aya Hussain

Dr. Hala Al-Saeed: One billion Egyptian pounds, the value of public investments directed to the governorate of Alexandria with a general plan. /1647068001330 by an increase 95,4% of the previous year’s plan Minister of Planning: The plan includes the implementation of A development project in Alexandria

Cairo in 11 March 2022

The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development announced in a report issued by it the features of the citizen’s investment plan for the Governorate of Alexandria for the year 26/2022, in the context of continuing to announce the citizen’s plan in all governorates of the Republic for the third year in a row, with the aim of educating citizens about Directions and priorities of the sustainable development plan for the fiscal year (45/960), and its role in achieving “Egypt’s vision 1647068004240.” 1647068011503
Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, explained that “Citizen Plan” adopts the methodology of programs, performance, and evidence-based planning, as it provides detailed information on the most important development indicators at the level of each governorate, and its share of public investments in the fiscal year plan (47/960), unlike the investments directed within the national project for the development of the Egyptian countryside “a decent life”, and the distribution of these investments to the various sectors, and the most prominent performance indicators that monitor the current state of development In each sector and the most important projects targeted for implementation, thus contributing to the citizen having a complete picture of the details of the goals of the sustainable development plan in his governorate. Al-Saeed added that the “citizen’s plan” serves as an important database that helps citizens follow up on projects being implemented within their geographical scope. (Governorate, center, village), in order to ensure the quality of its implementation in accordance with the best specifications and relevant standards, which contributes to activating community follow-up. On the citizen’s investment plan in Alexandria Governorate, Al-Saeed explained that the number of development projects in the governorate amounts to . is a project, and that the value of public investments directed to the governorate of Alexandria with a general plan
/960 reaches 21 billion pounds with an increase 2021 , 4% of the year plan 20/

With regard to the sectoral distribution of investments The target public in the Alexandria governorate with a general plan 21/1647068001330 The report of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development referred to directing investments worth 26, 1647068004240 One billion pounds for the transport sector, at a rate of 1647068011503 , 8%, followed by the petroleum sector with a value of 3.9 billion pounds %, and investments in the housing sector and slum development amount to 3.2 billion Pounds by 11, 3%, and it belongs to the higher education and scientific research sector 2,95 billion pounds by 12, 3%, and the local development sector 1, 45 One billion pounds, or 4.8%, while the other sectors are allocated to investments worth 2.3 billion pounds, or 8.8%.)
The report explained that the most important development goals in the housing sector are And the development of slums in Alexandria Governorate in a plan 25/1647068001330 is directed towards 1,

M A pound for drinking water and sanitation services, and the number of housing sector projects is 54 projects, and the most important projects of the local development sector in the governorate are 2021 A project in the direction of 169 One million pounds to develop and raise the efficiency of the road system, pave roads and streets, and raise the efficiency of the Corniche, in addition to directing 169 One million pounds to extend and strengthen the electricity network, and in the higher education and scientific research sector, it is targeted to implement 1647068004240 A development project, including the replacement and renewal of the buildings of the National University of Alexandria in Borg El Arab, the completion of the new University of Technology in Borg El Arab, in addition to the establishment of Senghor University in Borg El Arab in the governorate, and in the transportation sector from The target is the implementation of 9 projects, including the development of the port of Alexandria, the rehabilitation of the Raml tram, the Victoria / Manshiya station, and the development of Al-Riyah Al-Buhairi / Al-Nubariya Canal.