EGY MAPS launches its real estate online platform and starts with 100 diversified projects in the Administrative Capital

Ashraf Tawfiq

Ahmed Allam: It is easy for the developer to present his projects through technology 3D

Mustafa Mohsen: We are targeting 853 A thousand visits and 752 a thousand subscribers on the platform per month

EGY MAPS announced the launch of its real estate online platform, which includes more than 50 A real estate developer with a total of 100 A diversified real estate project located in the New Administrative Capital, during a press conference held by the company in the presence of company officials and a group of journalists and media professionals

Eng. Mohamed Hamza, CEO of EGY MAPS, said that the company decided to start displaying the capital projects. The new administrative center is on the platform due to the importance of the project as a smart and sustainable city that is witnessing an urban boom and the size of diversified projects, in addition to the strong demand from customers for the projects of the administrative capital.

He added that the platform offers unlimited content that enables real estate developers to download all the marketing tools necessary to display their projects, including images and videos, through the pre-set default platform, as the platform provides its visitors with a simple, detailed, easy-to-use and high-quality experience.
He indicated that the platform is converting projects that are still under construction in the New Administrative Capital into a three-dimensional interactive experience, in order to display the projects in The current time during its implementation and its future form after the completion of the implementation, so that the client feels that he is part of the project as if he sees it in reality.

He pointed out that the platform allows real estate companies exhibiting their projects to communicate with clients anywhere in the world, and to reach new clients regionally and globally without the client needing to travel to see the project on the ground or the project’s kits, which is part of the company’s plan to develop a platform that keeps pace with global technological developments.
He added that the idea of ​​the platform is based on the creation of high-quality geographical data and advanced technological technology with What makes it a unique and smart technological interactive tool that enables real estate companies to achieve their sales goals, in addition to creating a live and different experience for the customer to search for a specific project, so that the customer previews the unit as if it has already been implemented.

He added that the platform aims to cover the urban communities area in East Cairo within two years, and to cover the entire Republic of Egypt within 5 years.
853 Engineer Ahmed Allam, Technical CEO, explained that with regard to the advantages obtained by the real estate developer who presents his projects on the platform, it is facilitated to present the projects and services provided in the project, in addition to To provide innovative marketing solutions to promote and advertise the developer and reach real estate brokers easily.

He said that the platform started with projects Which will be launched in the New Administrative Capital as a first stage, provided that the platform includes projects in New Alamein, New Mansoura, Mostakbal City and the rest of the projects located throughout the Republic. He pointed out that the new administrative capital A promising national project and a smart and sustainable city that includes multiple housing patterns and various projects, and it constantly launches multiple projects between residential, commercial, administrative and hotel, and includes all the services needed by the city’s residents, which makes the project a destination for the local and foreign client.

He explained that the platform allows the customer to interact and roam between the projects presented in 3D directly without resorting to downloading other programs, and live virtual tours are provided to customers. Between projects, and giving live lectures and work seminars across the platform, making it an interactive environment for developers and customers.

He noted that The platform offers innovative services for the first time in the local real estate market, offering unlimited content that enables real estate developers to download all marketing tools, and reach new customers directly through the largest online gathering dedicated to major real estate development companies.

He pointed out that the platform will allow the government in the future to know the implementation rates and implementation schedule for any project and the best consultants and contractors in implementing projects according to the measurement of implementation rates

Engineer Mostafa Mohsen, a research and development consultant, said that about 30 One million pounds in the platform so far, and it is planned to increase this value with the inclusion of more projects in the coming period and continuous keeping pace with technological developments And adding them on the platform first-hand so that the elements of innovation are preserved and new elements and new services are constantly added to the platform. He pointed out that the monthly target for customer visits to the platform amounts to 853 a thousand visits per month, in addition to

. A thousand new subscribers per month, which is the target that the company plans to reach in record time, especially with its plan to constantly add new projects on the platform.

He made it clear that the idea of ​​the platform is entirely Egyptian without using any foreign technology and is implemented for the first time in Egypt and the world.
He said that the platform will have a prominent role in the real estate export file, by facilitating the process of accessing the global real estate market at the lowest costs. And without the need to establish external exhibitions so that all projects and units are displayed according to three-dimensional technology, which enables access to customers outside Egypt in many countries. He pointed out that Egypt’s share of the total volume of real estate export globally is only 2%, which is a limited percentage that is not commensurate with the advantages that Egyptian real estate enjoys from its privileged location, low price, quality of implementation and spread in new smart and sustainable cities Pointing out that the state is taking important steps to support the real estate export file, and the private sector must play its role as well, and that customers’ access to the platform is by entering