Samsung Electronics Reveals Its Vision for Tomorrow's Homes and Appliances at Developer Conference 2022

The Samsung Developer Conference 2022 held this month in San Francisco, highlighted some of Samsung’s best and brightest minds in the areas of technology, marketing and products, revealing a strong vision for the future, as well as presenting technologies transformative that improves consumers’ daily lives, and gives users more time to focus on what matters most in their lives

And through the opening speech of Jung Hee Han, Vice Chairman and CEO and Head of Hardware Experience At Samsung Electronics, presentations revealed how the company is building systems that make life smarter, safer, more convenient, and more connected than ever before.

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Read on to see the summary in the Samsung Newsroom to learn how innovation and inspiration are transforming the way we live and work, now and in the future

(Opening: Seamless Perfect Experience

Jung Hee Han opened today’s words, emphasizing the importance of comfort in the age of super cool technologies Development. He said, “Our goal at Samsung has always been to make our lives easier through technological innovation. We realized that innovation can also be a burden on users if comfort is not a priority. Hence, our teams focus on delivering seamless, easily accessible, sophistication and sophistication.”

Jung Hee Han, Vice Chairman and CEO and Head of Device Experience at Samsung Electronics, welcomes attendees to the conference SAMSUNG DEVELOPERS 2022

Han covered everything from Calm Technology to the revolutionary Knox Matrix security solution to all-in-one home platforms , such as Bixby Home Studio and SmartThings. He defined an array of devices and systems that put the user experience at its core. “The goal of all this is to give users an easier, smoother, and completely flawless experience, so that the user can focus on the things that matter most in their lives.”

A home that is able to learn and adapt thanks to the SmartThings platform HOME

After Jung Hee Han finished his speech, Jason Jang, Vice President and Head of SmartThings – Mobile Experience Division, discussed the role of the COVID pandemic – 202 Samsung teams mobilize to prioritize the important things in life, specifically the home. “Like everyone else, over the past few years, the important aspects of life have been prioritized, and finding times to rest and relax,” said Jang.

Jaeun Jang, Vice President and Head of SmartThings – Mobile Experience Division, Explains the platform’s role to help provide a seamless and intuitive ecosystem for home appliances

Samsung’s SmartThings platform is the perfect way to do this at home. And with a wide range of improvements to the home ecosystem platform, the issues of finding, setting up, integrating and syncing new devices with your home will be easier and more efficient than ever before. This includes Galaxy Quick Pair, Matter Hub connectivity, SmartThings Energy, SmartThings Music Sync, enhanced integration with partner systems, and an expanded SmartThings platform website

Matter System: A Harmonious Home Experience

At the end of her speech, Jang Matthew McCullough of Google presented an overview of Matter as a system that lays the foundation for true interoperability between devices in the home. Samsung is committed to the integration of this system, and expresses full confidence in its feasibility to make the dream of the integrated family a reality on the ground

▲ Matthew McCullough from Google explains how Matter interoperability works, and its role in enhancing cooperation efforts between Samsung and Google to Expand Integration

By working closely together, Samsung and Google aim to make life for users and device makers simpler and smoother, while providing multi-admin features to reduce manual management, and make access to the Google Home and Nest Hub Much easier. McCullough said: “The ease of use across Samsung and Google is just the beginning, especially as we look forward to providing a smoother and happier home experience together. ▲ Mark Benson, Head of US SmartThings at Samsung, explains how excited the company is to adopt Matter and introduces the audience to SmartThings Matter Early Access

Mark Benson, Head of US SmartThings at Samsung, continued to explain the topic Interoperability, emphasizing Samsung’s commitment to support Matter. “In order to accelerate Matter adoption, we have created the SmartThings Matter Early Access Programme, where we work with major device manufacturers to ensure their Matter-enabled devices work seamlessly with SmartThings

Benson noted that the SmartThings and SmartThings Hub Core and SmartThings Cloud are already ready to support this system. He added, “It’s all about ensuring that interoperability is delivered right away.”

Bixby virtual assistant and its complementary role

Step up Anil Yadav, Head of Bixby Lab at Samsung Research in the US United to the platform, and in his presentation discussed the smartThings voice assistant virtualization with real voice in the home, including its cool new feature: Bixby Home Studio. “By using Bixby Home Studio, you can create experiences across multiple devices, responding in a more intuitive way to user commands,” Yadav said. For example, if you ask Bixby to turn on the air conditioner, this assistant checks if there are any open windows in the house, and asks you to close them, to help save energy”

▲ Explains Anil Yadav, Expert Audio System and Head of Bixby Lab, the platform’s evolving role in the home, celebrates the launch of Bixby Home Studi

This assistant is ready to do it all, from queuing your next favorite movie to your Samsung Smart TV in your home , to enhance the security of your mobile phone with on-device AI, now that Bixby is smarter and more powerful than ever

Security and privacy at premium levels for a secure home

▲ confirms Shane Paik, Principal Architect of the Security Team in the Mobile Experience Division, stresses the importance of strong security and personal privacy, as evidenced by many platforms, such as the Samsung Knox and Knox Matrix

Samsung is crafting more than just an experience A comfortable and integrated home, it also works with its teams to create a safe, private and proactive experience. Following Yadav’s talk about Bixby, Shane Baek, Principal Architect of the Security Team in Mobile Experiences, discussed with the audience how high-profile innovations need to keep pace with the highest levels of security. Adhering to the three principles of security and privacy, transparency, choice and protection, Samsung has worked hard to develop platforms, such as Samsung Knox. “This aspect will remain an essential component of various devices, from the phone to the refrigerator, to remain safe and secure”

The new Knox Matrix platform in particular is now at the forefront of the lines Front end to provide protection for many devices. “The Knox Matrix is ​​your blockchain, especially since many devices share credentials, which turns the hardware ecosystem into a shield that protects everyone.”

In parallel with these developments, of course, the insistence Samsung to provide a personalized privacy experience, which is provided through Samsung’s comprehensive security and privacy dashboard. “We believe you have to make decisions about how you manage and store your information”

Most Vital Content Platform

Sang Kim, Senior Vice President and Head of Product and Marketing at Samsung Electronics America, Important Insights on Samsung’s extensive media network, covering a range of recent successes

▲ Sang Kim, Senior Vice President and Head of Product and Marketing at Samsung Electronics America, provides a briefing About Samsung’s rapidly expanding multimedia network

Launched in June, the Samsung Gaming Hub is a comprehensive gaming cloud solution, and This is achieved thanks to partnerships with industry leaders such as Xbox. The new solution allows gamers to connect consoles to their Samsung TVs, and access all the games they love without the need for a console or PC

There’s also Samsung TV Plus, the fast-paced TV and video streaming platform relaunched this summer. It is now spread in 202 countries and connects with 465 million devices worldwide. 2022

With wide reach, seamless integration of monetization and an optimized advertising environment for both customers and users, streaming provides Samsung Direct is also an ideal platform for premium advertising

“Fortune companies from all over the world are now benefiting from Samsung TV Plus, along with Samsung TV Plus,” Kim said. Our Other Advanced TV Advertising Solutions Reach Critical Consumers”

Tizin’s global reach

▲ Youngjae Kim, Executive Vice President and Vice President of R&D Team, Screen Division

After Sang Kim finished his speech, Youngjae Kim, Executive Vice President and Vice President of R&D Team For the screen section to the platform, to talk about “Tizin”, the open source operating system from Samsung, powered by Linux.” Kim took the audience on a journey in which he reviewed a large variety of developments in the “Tizin” journey, which is working to develop its capabilities to cover a wide range of uses and applications

and by benefiting from partnerships with gamers, such as Xbox and With NVIDIA and Utomik, Tizen helps provide users with a uninterrupted and uninterrupted gaming experience with the Samsung Gaming Hub, while ensuring great performance and image quality, Kim explained. He added that the system offers stunning visuals, blockchain wallet integration with Samsung TVs for better home tech experiences, intuitive exploration of the non-fungible token market, and help from Smart Hub to provide better content searches and recommendations. . Meanwhile, Tizen Enterprise is enhancing the display and signage options of trading partners, while Tizen Everywhere aims to expand licensing, bringing the system to more countries

Since its launch ten years ago, Tizen said: Tizen now works in more than 330 million TVs, refrigerators, and other smart devices. We will continue to work at Samsung to create Taizen experiences that transform and transcend the boundaries of what is possible in the minds of many.”

One UI 5 and the “Galaxy, Life Path” philosophy

Sally Hyesun Jeong, Vice President of Framework Group R&D, Mobile Experiences, and for today’s topic, the company’s latest leap in user interface experience: One UI 5

▲ Sally Heesun Jeong, Vice President of Framework Group Research and Development In the mobile experiences section, One UI 5, which represents the next stage in Samsung’s user interface evolution, and the epitome of the “Galaxy, a way of life” philosophy

introduces Jeong by saying: “Who is on this platform before Three years ago, we laid out our vision for a single user interface to be the core of the Galaxy experience. One UI now embodies the “Galaxy, the way of your life” philosophy by providing users with an easy, simple, and uniquely suited connection experience for you. About a host of new and improved features. The customization includes profound improvements, such as Dynamic Lockscreen for smartphones and Watch Face Studio for Galaxy Watches, and tailored modes and routines, while health and security functions are also more adaptable. The productivity aspect includes Bixby Text Call, improved phone-PC communication, and multitasking upgrades, including taskbar improvements. Possibilities included One UI 5 integration with Samsung foldable devices and related functions such as Flex Mode

A Look Over the Horizon: Bots and Health in Homes

The last word before the conclusion Sebastian Seung, President and CEO of Samsung Research. While many of today’s speeches focused on recent improvements, Seung identified the innovations of tomorrow aimed at merging the physical and digital worlds

Dividing his presentation between the future of robotics in the home and Samsung’s ambitions to contribute to health and wellness research, Seung said: “I would like to invite you to look to the horizon, where lies a future that we all dream of, yet to be achieved

In the field of home robotics, Seong discussed the company’s continued success in achieving a home powered by advanced AI-enabled devices, including JetBot AI+ Object Detection Vacuum Cleaner, Hand-assisted Robotic Prototype, and Future Plans for Samsung’s Latest Robotic Arm Processing Code, Coming Soon on GitHub

▲ Sebastian Seung, President and CEO of Samsung Research, discusses The company’s future plans, advanced robotic technologies that power homes, and highlights Samsung’s health research ambitions.

Turning to the topic of health, Seong introduced the Samsung Health Stack, an open source project from Samsung that aims to develop Effective health research. “This is a complete software development package, a mobile application for patients, as well as a portal for researchers and a back-end database,” Seong said. These open source tools are designed to create easy digital health research systems

Conclusion: Building a More Sustainable Future with Samsu

After the words were wrapped, Jung Hee Han returned to the stage. To give a final speech, summarizing the technologies presented in the software development package, and setting the company’s future path for innovation.

▲ Jung Hye Han returned to the stage after the speeches concluded, revealing a proactive vision for a future based on sustainable and friendly technologies. Environment

He added: “I would like to talk about the future again. It is a future very dear to my heart and to our planet. I believe we all have a responsibility to help create a sustainable future. We do this through sustainability every day, believing that every stage of a product’s life cycle can be more sustainable.”

Han presented a set of Samsung’s sustainability commitments and environmental research guidance, including responsible material sourcing, recycling, waste disposal, renewable energy, and massive investments to reduce carbon emissions

“By the year 2027, we will direct all of our product operations on renewable energy,” Han said. Today on an optimistic note and a glimpse into an easier, smoother, connected future, and most importantly more environmentally conscious.

Watch the video below for the full recording of the speeches delivered at the Samsung Developer Conference 2022:

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