IHD: lays the foundation stone for its project VIVIDBUSINSS TOWER

Ashraf Tawfiq

The session “The Four Critical Pillars of Digital Transformation” dealt with within The activities of the sixth session of the Future Investment Initiative, cloud computing, rapid access to data and information, and cybersecurity.

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian explained that large companies use cloud computing with logistics and data in (Google) to get the best products and services, noting that companies take a long time to learn their data and profitability and measure their production, indicating that if information is obtained quickly contributes This is in making decisions quickly, and thus there is a competitive advantage that everyone benefits from to know its production line and its profitability. With the presence of huge data, it has become easy to steal data in the absence of software to protect it, due to the existence of a loophole through which the hacker can enter and steal data and information, stressing the importance of reviewing companies that will not Their technology systems, building security within their platforms rather than importing them, and providing the best services and technologies to enable people to track and detect cybercriminals. He stated that the company has provided a number of services to a number of large companies, including those specialized in financial matters or social media, in order to protect them from hacking and benefit from Google’s technologies, noting that sustainability is one of the important things in (Google), reviewing the company’s experiences in many Government agencies in the Kingdom and Europe to know the products that can be presented to make them sustainable for consumers, including food products and oils, by understanding data and tools, making better decisions and producing products in a more sustainable way.