The Suez Canal Economic Zone launches today its local promotional campaign on various media platforms

Fathi Al-Sayeh

As part of its strategic plan to attract more investments in various Industrial sectors The General Authority for the Economic Zone of the Suez Canal launches its local promotional campaign aimed at introducing the economic zone to Egyptian citizens and investors as one of the most important national projects, which is one of the most important arms of the Egyptian state towards economic development at the industrial level through its industrial zones and at the commercial level, and the provision of marine services through Its 6 affiliated ports overlooking the Red and Mediterranean Bahrain. The existing industrial facilities in the region, as well as the port docks, which reflect the size of the amazing development that took place in the economic zone of the Suez Canal during the past years, where there are more than 20 industrial and service facilities in addition to Allocating an area of ​​20 one million square meters to the industry Green fuels are produced from green hydrogen, green ammonia and ethanol during the current stage.

The propaganda video also reviews the objectives of the Suez Canal economic zone in Providing one million job opportunities by 2030, and the authority’s ability to support its investors through investment, financial and tax incentives, in addition to the economic zone’s readiness to receive various types of giant, small and medium projects, as the industrial zones are eligible for all These industries, in addition to a number of live images from the ports of the economic zone that serve the industrial zones and the movement of world trade with its readiness in the coming period to provide ship catering services with green fuel in the near future. This promotional video comes as a start of the local advertising campaign in parallel with the billboards on the main roads and axes in Cairo and Sharm El-Sheikh, which is preparing to host the climate summit next November, in addition to the billboards at Cairo and Sharm El-Sheikh International Airports. The campaign includes an active presence on social media and an extensive media presence in order to introduce the region to the economy internally in line with the international promotional campaign that was launched in a number of capitals of the world.