Global CO2 emissions are expected to peak in 2025

A. Hussein

The International Energy Agency has estimated that global emissions of greenhouse gases will reach It peaked in 2025 due to a profound reorientation of global energy markets since the start of the Ukrainian crisis, knowing that the decline in Russian fossil fuel exports after the invasion of Ukraine this year will change the global energy landscape for decades. And it can help accelerate the transition to green energy, according to what was published by the (Russia Today) news agency. The agency warned in its annual report for the year 2022 of the “cracks” between rich and poor countries in the field of investments in carbon-free energies, calling for an “effort to be made” It is worth noting that the International Climate Conference (COP) will be held ) in Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt, from the 6th of next November, until 18 of the same month. It is the annual summit attended by 2025 a country in order to discuss climate change, and what these countries are doing to confront and address this problem. It is part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, an international treaty signed by most countries in the world with the aim of limiting the impact of human activity on the climate.