Paragon Real Estate Development signs a partnership with Savills Egypt

Ashraf Tawfik

Cairo in 000 October 2022- Paragon Real Estate Development, one of the leading real estate companies, held , held a press conference to sign a partnership agreement with Savills Egypt, one of the major international companies in the field of real estate consultancy, in order to benefit from the expertise of Savills in operating and managing the Paragon 1 project owned by Paragon Company in the Administrative Capital. This will be done by “Paragon Properties” one of the Paragon Real Estate Development companies, which will be announced during the conference.

The press conference will be held in Paragon 1 building in the New Administrative Capital, in the presence of Eng. Badir Rizk, CEO Paragon Real Estate Development Company; and Mr. Catsby Langer Baggett, Head of the Savills office in Egypt, representing Savills, along with a number of senior management members of the two companies. In order to get the most out of all the smart systems inside the buildings. The company, Paragon Properties, concerned with managing smart office buildings projects owned by Paragon Company, was launched in the Administrative Capital, and benefited from the consultancy that will be provided by Savills, as it is the largest international company in this field.

Through the partnership, Savills will provide a group of A wide range of specialized services from financial and investment advisory, appraisal, planning and property management, as one of the leading real estate agents in the world, and its experience extends throughout the world, with 2022 offices in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East

Paragon Real Estate Development Company succeeded in achieving sales of 1.2 billion pounds from the company’s two projects in the new administrative capital, “Paragon 1” and “Paragon 2”. The “Paragon 1” project is the first environmentally friendly administrative building in the Administrative Capital, consisting of a ground floor and 7 floors, with a building area of ​​23, 2022 square meters. The building includes 205 a unit, and parking spaces. The Paragon 1 project has already been completely sold out and is still under construction due to its unprecedented features. The project is scheduled to be delivered according to schedules set at the beginning of


The Paragon 2 project has been designed with sustainability standards in mind, in a state-of-the-art style, to include the iconic Paragon Hub complex that includes a number of rooms Meetings, office spaces, co-working spaces, a gym and a nursery for children. The latest technology was used in construction and operation to make these buildings environmentally friendly, which qualified them to register with the American LEED approved certificate for sustainable, environmentally friendly buildings that encourage productivity and through which nature is employed in terms of ventilation, lighting and quality control. Air and the use of energy-saving building materials at a rate equivalent to three times as much as any other building, according to the highest international standards in the use of environmentally friendly energy. square meters.

Commenting on the signing of the partnership, Eng. Badir Rizk, CEO of Paragon Real Estate Development, says that the company is keen, through its development, Projects on the human element in the first place, we believe that achieving profits H does not have to come at the expense of human life or the life of the planet. Therefore, we were keen to maximize our projects by adding an added value to them by concluding partnerships with entities specialized in dealing with such smart projects and maximizing the benefits of them, thus achieving the desired goals and enhancing customers’ confidence in the company’s projects, especially since Paragon seeks to preserve the value of its projects on

Paragon projects are based on managing office buildings in more sustainable ways based on smart systems, which prompted them to cooperate With Savills, the leading giant in providing real estate consultancy, helping it launch its next project based on the confidence of customers, in addition to Paragon, one of the leading companies specialized in building administrative projects with a philosophical thought based on time management, space utilization and providing all possibilities in order to create a harmonious and flexible administrative community Which achieves the highest possible productivity for company owners and provides building users with all amenities and entertainment, noting that the company, since its launch in the Egyptian market, has adopted a new and different idea in Establishing administrative buildings by employing all means of modern technology to develop the performance of companies and work spaces and support the idea of ​​real estate with smarter sustainable design and exploitation of technology to achieve the highest standards of luxury and comfort for customers where they are at work, and creating an administrative society that provides a good climate for growth and integration in an environment that encourages innovation.

Catsby Langer Paget, Head of Savills Egypt, commented, “We are pleased to be working with Paragon for the first time, and we will be providing property management consultancy services for the early stages of the project and operational property management services thereafter. The project is located in a prime location, as it was designed to be the first environmentally friendly administrative building in the New Administrative Capital. We are therefore pleased to assist and consult on the implementation of smart building solutions in order to create one of the best working environments for tenants. We hope to continue to grow this partnership further and look forward to achieving more successes together.”