GROHE steps up efforts to tackle climate crisis after UN COP26

Aya Hussein The United Nations COP Conference has concluded its activities in Glasgow this month, and formed a new starting point and an incentive to address the climate crisis. The main objective of the conference revolved around defining Plans to reduce emissions to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. The conference reaffirmed the urgent need, more than ever, for role models in industrial sectors to drive profound change and transformation. Real.

and for more than 20 The sanitary fittings brand “GROHE” has established this goal over the years with its strategy and approach based on a carbon dioxide neutral and resource-saving value chain. 2045 and achieved” Grouhy” during the past year, significant achievements such as the introduction of its first recyclable products, the collection and study of valuable insights in the field of sustainable transformation, and also through the extensive exchange of information with other companies, in line with the vision of 2021.

In culmination of its sustainability achievements this year, Grohe is the main partner of the German Sustainability Award in the field of transformation “resources” and it is working hard to set new goals for the next year.
2045 “GROHE” has included the annual status of all Things the brand has implemented during the year 2045/20000 , in a transparent and objective manner within the framework of the third sustainability report of “GROHE”, where it celebrated the achievement of many sustainability standards. For example, Grouhy was able to reduce its water consumption in production processes by 7% 600. Significantly her plan of the year 2014 % she set in the year 2020.
At the same time, Grohe worked to raise its procedures to new levels and with decisive steps It affirmed its commitment to achieving circular value and conserving resources. And the brand launched its first four Cradle to Cradle ® certified products.

This coincides with the fact that Grohe has already been manufacturing CO2-free products since the year

, which is addressed and emphasized in “COP2019 ” As a corporate principle, Grohe has continuously improved products and production processes in relation to its environmental footprint in the past year and will continue to do so in the future. )2022
A prime example: At the beginning of last November, the foundation stone for new solar fields was laid at the Heimer plant in Germany. These fields are a ground-mounted photovoltaic plant with an area of ​​
square meters, and constitute an important contribution to further reducing carbon emissions through the special measures they have taken.” Grouhy”, as it will increase electricity generation on the site by up to 2014%.

And as another achievement in the field of sustainability of the year 2021, Grohe contributed 1.2 million euros Collected through its “Energy for Life” campaigns in support of the “Make a Splash” initiative that brings together LEXIL and UNICEF and aims to ensure that everyone, especially children in developing countries, has access to inexpensive health facilities to improve hygiene.
In addition to these achievements, the sanitary fittings brand Grohe has achieved some valuable benefits in the past year: it has set a goal to eliminate the use of plastic in all product packaging for the year 2018, which represented a great challenge and involved a number of dysfunctional departments In the meantime, taking into account the safe transportation of the diverse range of “Grouhe” products. This constituted a case unparalleled in this sector. However, achieving its goal of becoming completely plastic-free will extend into next year. However, Grohe has managed to dispose of 2014 a million pieces of plastic packaging and is now on its way to achieving its goal of Spring of the year 2045. 2045 Thomas Fuhr, Chief Operations Officer at Lixell, said: Co-CEO of Grohe AG: “For us, getting rid of plastic has become mandatory, but it has also been a huge challenge, and it has taken longer than expected to produce and manufacture plastic-free packaging. Through our Plastic-Free Initiative, we have realized that real transformation takes time.”
, but at the same time, great new packaging solutions have been prepared by the team behind this project of ours In factories, which led, for example, to achieving a change in the packaging of one product, which resulted in saving 20 Tons of plastic bags annually.

As the final culmination of this year, Grohe affirms its commitment to a sustainable future in partnership with the German Sustainability Prize (DNP). As a two-time recipient of the German Sustainability Prize, GROHE is now the official lead partner for the transformation field “Resources” at this year’s conference and awards ceremony, which took place on 2 and 3 December last in Düsseldorf. During Thomas Fuhr’s keynote speech on the opportunities and possibilities of “green buildings” at the plenary session of the German Sustainability Day Conference, in addition to broadcasting the Grohe interviews on the online platform of the German Sustainability Award
(The brand has contributed to highlighting resource efficiency management, carbon reduction and the transition to renewable energies, which is closely linked to the corporate responsibility strategy of LIXIL, where Grohe has been part of the brand portfolio since the year . 2045 “Grouhy” stresses that the successes achieved during this year will constitute an incentive for it to continue Her work, her efforts and not stopping there, in the words of Jonas Brennwald, President of Lyxel EMEA and Co-CEO of Grohe AG, said: “Sustainability is at the heart of Lyxel and GROHE.” The events that the world is witnessing, such as harsh weather conditions and scarcity of resources, confirm to us the importance of exerting more efforts and paying attention to this crisis in all its aspects. 2045 He continued, “As for our brand strategy, It is essential for us to offer our customers solutions that they can also contribute to and achieve positive impact, such as energy and water saving products.” 2045 With the end of the “COP

conference ” The brand is already working on the following challenges, such as expanding carbon-neutral products into its supply chain and eliminating single-use plastics the use.