Banque du Caire issues a 3-year savings certificate with a return of up to 17.25% annually

Fathi Al-Sayeh and Ayman Al-Wasily

Banque du Caire issued a savings certificate “Primo Gold” “For 3 years with a return 25. 25 % annually, and the bank issued the same certificate with a return of 450 % paid monthly, and

. % of the quarterly interest disbursement periodicity.

This step comes within the framework of the bank’s continuous keenness to meet the requirements of all customer segments and motivate deposit holders to maintain the purchasing value of their savings, as well as stimulating the savings value. to the Egyptian pound by providing the best competitive return that works to maximize the value of savings in the Egyptian pound. It has many competitive advantages in terms of the rate of return and periodicity of exchange, in addition to the certificate’s period of 3 years, and this certificate is used since the start of calculating the return from the day after the purchase, and the value of the certificate cannot be recovered without the lapse of 6 months, After the end of the certificate period, its full nominal value is recovered. It is also possible to borrow against the guarantee of the certificate through the Cairo Bank branches affiliated to the bank, which amount to about 450 a branch and a banking unit spread in all parts of the country. throughout the Republic.

The certificate also enables its holder to be able to issue credit cards and credit facilities with the guarantee of the certificate, and the limit reaches The minimum amount to purchase the certificate is

EGP, and the investment period is 3 years.