Yuze … a comprehensive trading account

There is no doubt that it is not easy to open a bank account for small and medium-sized companies in many countries Dubai, UAE – (ARAB NEWSWIR

During the past two years, the course of many businesses has changed, and with it, the needs of the labor markets have changed, and a significant growth has been observed for emerging companies, especially in the United Arab Emirates

In response to these needs, a group of the most prominent specialists in financial markets and services has developed the “Yuze” application in the financial technology market, where it provides advanced financial solutions for small and medium-sized companies and fills the shortage in this field.

Yuze app offers, Through a commercial account, a package of features and products designed specifically to suit users of medium and emerging companies, such as : Send and receive money, manage expenses and track profits

Rabih Sfeir, founder and CEO of Yuze, said: “The rapid growth in the UAE over the past two years has created some special requirements in the field of financial technology, which came with the launch of Yuze. Yuze to meet them by launching advanced financial solutions

Sfeir added: “We are proud to be pioneers in supporting the Ministry of Labor in the UAE by assisting in the wage protection system in the year . through the C3 Card company, support financial security and contribute to the inclusion of workers under this innovative initiative.” He pointed out: “To meet the needs of the market, we at Yuze have developed an application that is easy to use by the categories of small and medium companies that do not have bank accounts or have no experience in dealing with banks. We realize that opening a bank account for these companies is not easy, hence we developed Yuze with the main objective of providing easy and inexpensive commercial solutions that can help small and emerging companies to fulfill most, if not all, of their business financial requirements through a single application easy to use

The goal of Yuze is to align with UAE government initiatives to support small and medium businesses and encourage independent entrepreneurs and e-commerce. Research proves that financial inclusion is an essential tool in the success of small and medium businesses, represented in integrating this segment of institutions and companies within the national economy and empowering them to play an important role in the construction and development processes. In turn, said Dilmorod Yurnov, Chairman of the Yuze management: “When fintech can provide the right technology to target segments and financial solutions become more accessible to everyone, the payments ecosystem will thrive and grow. In this context, Yuze is a practical and innovative application that aims to achieve financial inclusion by offering a digital product that in turn provides an exceptional and comprehensive customer experience. It should be noted that the launch of the Yuze application will take place in the UAE, but it is expected that the geographical scope will expand For the application to include several countries in the future. Near