Alfa Laval hosts an event to stimulate innovation, achieve carbon neutrality and support sustainability in the Middle East

A. Hussain

Alpha Laval, a leading global provider of expertise, products and services in the fields of energy, shipping, food and water, hosted an event to stimulate innovation and achieve carbon neutrality under the slogan “Innovation to catalyze sustainable solutions.” The event witnessed interactive discussions on the latest challenges facing the sectors in which the company is active. This move comes in the context of Alpha Laval’s primary focus on enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability efforts in the Middle East region. The event witnessed the participation of a group of speakers and included distinguished presentations that stimulated innovation to come up with ideas that contribute to meeting the need to decarbonize the global economy while increasing energy production to keep pace with the growing demand for it.

Commenting on this topic, “We are proud of our long-standing customer partnerships and work closely with them on industry-leading zero-emission practices, and are focused on finding innovative ways to solve corporate challenges and help them de-carbonize . We are doing our best to enhance thermal efficiency in the Middle East with a focus on more innovation.”

Thanks to the rapid pace of development in the region, there are promising opportunities to support clean energy production from the early stages, as Alfa Laval provides solutions Innovative visionaries who are leaders of change. Alfa Laval is keen to consolidate its business relationships in the Middle East and cooperate with regional companies as one of the pioneers in the sector to encourage a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.

Energy efficiency, clean energy and circular economy are the pillars of our offerings. Sustainable Alfa Laval in the Middle East, and the core of the goals the company helps its clients achieve. Alfa Laval’s thermal insulation and transportation technologies guarantee immediate and sustainable results in terms of keeping pace with the growing demand for energy and significantly reducing carbon emissions.

The global heating and cooling sector is witnessing a strong trend today towards moving to natural cooling methods with less impact on the environment. climate, and Alfa Laval is spearheading these efforts with the provision of heat exchangers that keep pace with the new demands faced by customers. Alfa Laval is distinguished by providing the latest innovations in the field of highly efficient operations in terms of materials and resources, which are the smartest way to enhance profits, reduce costs and support sustainability efforts. Ambitious goals to achieve climate neutrality in the region. The company also seeks to reduce carbon emissions in sectors that are difficult to decarbonize, as well as reduce expenditures in companies that are highly energy-efficient in the sector, in light of the commitments to achieve carbon neutrality in the UAE by the year 2050, And in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by 2060.

The company is benefiting from the momentum witnessed in the Middle East with the countries of the region leading efforts and initiatives to address climate change issues, and their efforts to abandon hydrocarbon resources for a future Carbon-free, as Egypt hosts the activities of this year’s session of the COP Conference of Parties 27, concerned with climate change worldwide, and the UAE is chosen to host the next session of the conference in


Hickey added: “The Middle East is an ideal environment for innovation with its governments ambitious efforts to achieve carbon neutrality for companies, and our industry-leading technologies meet the highest standards of energy efficiency in the Middle East and we are committed pledges to achieve climate neutrality in the region.”

The latest fuel and technology initiatives include a series Value green hydrogen, renewable diesel and new advanced heat exchangers from Alfa Laval, including models; AKC 540, AC 540, and PCHE Hydrobulk TM featured prominently during the event. The Alfa Laval service team also plans to launch products such as the Zero Drain System.