The “Agricultural Climate” lab organizes the first training course on fruit production under protected agriculture in order to increase yields and save water

Fathi Al-Sayeh

Dr. Mohamed Abd Rabbo, director of the Central Laboratory for Agricultural Climate, confirmed that The Climate Modification Research Department in the laboratory organized its intensive training course under the title “Production of Fruit Crops under Greenhouses”, which lasted for three days, and pointed out the importance of fruit production under greenhouses, and that the laboratory was the first to introduce this technology in 450 and worked to disseminate it through the private sector, and the use of greenhouses (greenhouses) is one of the methods or methods of protection from the climatic changes that occur, as it works to protect the crop planted below, especially the flower and knot stages from extreme heat waves. Especially the occurrence of a sudden rise in temperature during that sensitive period of the plant’s life, followed by a decrease in temperature, which leads to the occurrence of the phenomenon of falling flowers and newly contracted fruits. And “Abed Rabbo” added that the greenhouses are working on early production and increasing the yield obtained by 600 In addition to obtaining a high quality crop. This course will focus on some important fruit crops that can be grown inside the greenhouse, such as mango, pomegranate, figs and citrus. For his part, Dr. Ihab Sadek, Head of Climate Modification Research Department, added that this course comes within the framework of the policy of the Agricultural Research Center and is consistent with the training and guidance plan of the laboratory, which aims to increase agricultural awareness and culture among the workers and those interested in protected crops or those who wish to enter This field is recently in addition to students of faculties of agriculture and higher institutes. The course aims to train them on modern techniques in the cultivation of fruit crops by focusing on the crops of “mango, pomegranate, fig, citrus” and how to obtain from them a crop of high quality and productivity that has competitiveness in terms of marketing and export, in addition to training on the cultivation of the pepino crop, which is considered Of the newly planted fruit crops in Egypt – where it is grown on an amateur scale and not on a large commercial scale – in addition to shedding light on the possibility of using greenhouses in fruit cultivation alongside vegetable crops or as an alternative opportunity for them, which has a positive impact on the income of the producer (farmers). Raising its standard of living in addition to being an export window for exporting a high quality product to foreign markets. The course has many axes represented in the establishment of a fruit nursery and how to grow some fruit crops inside the greenhouse and the most important varieties that can be grown inside those greenhouses and to identify the method of growing one of the modern fruit crops (the pepino crop), the irrigation methods used and the fertilizer regulations, in addition to the most important fungal and insect infections that are exposed Its fruit crops (Mango, pomegranate, fig, citrus) under the greenhouse, how to combat and prevent it, the packages that can be used in exporting these crops, the most important covers used, and how to take advantage of the waste obtained in an environmentally sound manner, as well as how to conduct a feasibility study for the production of these crops.