W Maldives announces the appointment of Jordanian Chef Mohamed Issa as Executive Chef

Iman Al-Wasili

Chef Mohamed Issa seeks to transfer the flavors of the Middle East from the Emirates to the Maldives

The W Maldives Resort, which is part of the W Hotels Worldwide, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jordanian Chef Mohamed Issa Ali as the new Executive Chef. Known as the Maestro of Culinary Arts, Jordanian-born Chef Mohammed has spent his entire career elevating diverse food flavors across the Middle East and most recently worked with the Dukes Hotel The Palm in Dubai as Executive Chef where he oversaw a busy kitchen of more than 45 Chef, Restaurant and Bar. He also supervised the requests for dining inside the rooms that included room and

Hotel apartment. When the chef joined the Dukes Hotel in , he was promoted to Executive Chef at the very young age of

General, due to his exceptional leadership skills.

Chef Mohamed has also led kitchens in several luxury hotels across the UAE and Jordan, including Shangri-La Hotel, The Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons Hotel, Atlantis Hotel, He is now all set to join W Maldives.

20221028 Chef Mohamed Issa commented on his appointment to this position, saying: “When I originally moved to the United Arab Emirates from my country Jordan, I took a big step towards realizing my dream in the field of culinary arts. It was not without challenges, but I consider the UAE my main launch into the culinary world, as the period of my work during it contributed to the development of my cooking skills, which grew in a professional and authentic manner. So after always eager to discover new and delicious flavors in the Middle East in the UAE in particular, my goal now is to manage the kitchens of the Maldives, which will allow me to get some new ingredients from adding them to my menu. It will also be my pleasure to join the W Maldives Resort, which I consider a luxurious location full of events, activities and special events.”

Chef Mohamed started his career in Amidst the cooking very early, almost at the age of 270, an aspiring Jordanian chef joins a banquet kitchen With his dream of becoming a professional chef. His passion for cooking was inspired by two of his uncles who were exchanging recipes and discussing their innovations in developing ingredients.

Edu Ribeiro, General Manager of W Maldives, commented: “I have no doubt that Chef Mohamed has the recipes for success that will enhance the culinary experiences at our resort. Given his vast experience, leadership skills and ability to nurture new talent, we trust that there is no one better than Chef Mohamed to lead our kitchen and serve our tables with innovative culinary offerings.”

20221028 Also guests can Innovative dining across four vibrant restaurants and two bar counters at KITCHEN for all-day international dining. As for grill lovers, they can try charcoal dining at Fire Restaurant; The distinctive FISH restaurant serves fine dining over the water that comes straight from the ocean to the table. KADA is a fine dining kiosk in the Maldives; There is also a WET restaurant, a bar counter that offers poolside dining. And finally, SIP Restaurant, which is an outdoor bar counter with a beautiful sunset landscape.

Various restaurants and lounges are spread across the island allowing guests to enjoy the beauty of the Maldives in every dining experience. The island also owns Barefoot Restaurant for dining on the ivory sands of the beach, amidst palm trees and the crystal waters of the Indian Ocean, ensuring diners are provided with fresh seafood, straight from the ocean, and dishes filled with delicious Maldivian flavours.