Dubai Real Estate Development hosts international real estate expert Muhannad Al-Wadiya.. next Tuesday

Ashraf Tawfik

In the name of El-Sherbiny: Muhannad Al-Wada has global experience and has achieved sales of more than 2 billion dollars
Ahmed Shehata: We raised the slogan “Selling the way_Dubai” in support of the real estate market and the introduction of new and innovative selling ideas

Dubai Real Estate Development Company, one of the major real estate development companies, will host the largest real estate event of 2022, An extensive workshop will be held in the presence of the entrepreneur and global real estate expert Muhannad Al-Wada, the most influential figure in Dubai, on next Tuesday 154 Married at JW Mariott Hotel, Muhannad Al-Wadiah is the strongest and best real estate expert in the Middle East with sales experience exceeding $2 billion.
Abdul Fattah Al Murr, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dubai Real Estate Development Company, said that the company is organizing the largest real estate event for the year 2022 with the aim of developing the movement of real estate development and marketing in Egypt, and benefit from successful global real estate experiences, especially in the towers and skyscrapers sector. Basem El-Sherbiny, CEO of “Etqan” for financial and marketing consultancy, confirmed that “Etqaan” is working to achieve strong additions to the Egyptian real estate market, and to put forward innovative and new ideas, in cooperation with Dubai Real Estate Development, we moved to host Muhannad Al-Wada, who is one of the most prominent experts He succeeded with his great experience in achieving sales of more than 2 billion dollars, equivalent to
billion pounds for the benefit of his clients, and author of a book “Owning Real Estate”, whose sales volume reached 90,000 copies.4888 4888 He referred to working on transferring Emirati expertise in tower and skyscraper projects, and benefiting from the experience of Dubai towers and transferring them to the new administrative capital market. And from Jan With it, Ahmed Shehata, head of the sales sector at Dubai Real Estate Development Company, said that the company raised the slogan “Selling the Dubai Way” in support of the real estate market to learn about new and innovative ways of selling and benefit from global experiences in this regard.
He added that the high-rise towers projects are among the new experiences on the Egyptian real estate market, and they are projects of a special nature, and we are working on studying the experiences of Others in this field and benefit from it and keep abreast of everything that is modern in the world in this regard. Dubai Real Estate Development Company in the New Administrative Capital includes the (OBSIDIER) project, which is a commercial, administrative, medical, hotel, located in the most distinguished areas of the Administrative Capital in the (Downtown Tourist Towers), and the total area of ​​the project is . 5 thousand square meters with investments amounting to about 4 billion pounds.4888

It also includes the Capital Dubai Mall project, which is the company’s first project in the Administrative Capital. It is a commercial and entertainment complex in a prime location in R7, with direct views of the central axis and the tourist walkway (Champs-Elysées). Yeh) .