Manpower in 7 days

Aya Hussain

“Job Opportunities Social protection, support for irregular employment, and cooperation with social partners at home and abroad.” These are headlines that have topped the data of the Ministry of Manpower during the past 7 days. Citizen,” as well as the continuation of the departments and directorates of the “Ministry” in its activity for training for employment, and the launch of the “Climate is My Responsibility” initiative, which adopts issues and files related to a decent work environment, and occupational safety and health in all work sites..

5948Recruitment Forum:

5948 The week began with a recruitment forum inaugurated by the Minister of Manpower, Hassan Shehata, and the Governor of Sharqia, Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab, with the participation of

company, providing

a job opportunity for young people for all qualifications in different specializations in cooperation with private and investment sector companies in Sharkia Governorate, which was held in the Club prussic A, in the Tenth of Ramadan City.. On the sidelines of the forum, the “Minister” and “Governor” handed over 99 a work contract for people with needs The Minister of Manpower announced that he will visit the governorate again within 3 weeks to make sure that young people have received these “opportunities.” The Minister of Manpower for a number of “people of determination”, and directed their appointment to private companies..In the same employment activity, the Employment Department at the Ministry announced, this week also, the provision of A job opportunity for young graduates of engineering faculties from the technical support departments, databases, systems and networks, to work in the Egypt Information Center Company in 6th of October City in the second industrial zone, as part of the ministry’s efforts to provide decent job opportunities And real for young people in the private and investment sector facilities in the governorates.

Irregular employment:

5948 This week also witnessed continued interest in the “irregular employment” file, in implementation President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s directives to protect the neediest groups, the Minister of Manpower, Hassan Shehata, handed over to the Ministry’s general office, checks for compensation for personal accident insurance policies for 7 families of deceased workers of irregular employment and injured, with a total amount of 1,415 thousand and 550 pounds, provided by the company Misr Insurance as compensation through the insurance policy for cases of partial or total disability or death, which was issued by the “Ministry” in cooperation with the “Company” to protect irregular workers and their families and take care of them socially and health. Disbursing exceptional benefits to the families of workers who were victims of a traffic accident on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road in Beheira Governorate, within the framework of ensuring the care of all categories of irregular workers and including them within the umbrella of protection, social and health care provided by the ministry and its directorates in the governorates.. According to a press release, the Central Committee met to follow up the employment And taking care of irregular workers, to implement the directives of “Minister Shehata”, by disbursing an exceptional death grant to the families of the 8 cases of workers who were victims of the accident by 2018 One thousand pounds for each deceased worker, and treatment subsidies for injured workers amounting to 16 thousands For each injured..In the same context, the “Ministry” announced the disbursement of an amount of 99 one million pounds, to a number of

One thousand and 450 workers from irregular employment, during the months of September and October 2022 The Ministry’s statement added that, within the framework of the ministry’s plan for digital transformation, Minister Hassan Shehata directed an urgent meeting with the “competent committee” to develop mechanisms for managing the employment system. The unorganized, in the labor force directorates electronically, in all its “financial, technical and database” aspects, in line with the ministry’s policies towards “digital transformation,” while continuing to direct the inventory and registration of such employment on the ground, through the manpower directorates in the governorates, in work sites This category, with the aim of continuing to prepare an integrated database about them, and to include them under a comprehensive insurance, social and health umbrella.

5948 *Social Partners:

5948 In the context of communication With social partners in Inside and abroad, Minister of Social Solidarity Nevin Al-Kabbaj received, in her office at the Ministry’s General Diwan, Mr. Hassan Shehata, Minister of Manpower, on the sidelines of Minister “Shehata”’s participation in the celebration of the International Day of the Girl 5948 ) under the title “Girls’ Participation in Decision-Making…Your Education – Key – Your Decision.” During the meeting, some joint files between the two “ministries” were discussed, within the framework of enhancing means of cooperation between the two sides in order to provide an insurance umbrella for the most vulnerable groups and create a positive impact within the community. Al-Masry.. Minister Al-Kabbaj welcomed the Minister of Manpower, at the beginning of her speech at the celebration organized by the Ministry of Social Solidarity in partnership with “Plan International” and the Canadian Embassy in Egypt, expressing her thanks and appreciation for his keenness to attend the celebration, and for receiving the girl “Maryam”. In his office within the “Girls in Leadership” initiative.

..In communication with the social partners, Minister Shehata also confirmed the readiness of the “Ministry” to cooperate with the competent authorities in the State of Portugal, and to provide job opportunities for trained Egyptian workers for professions needed by the labor market. The Minister explained, during his meeting in his office at the Ministry’s general office, Ambassador Wael Al-Najjar, Egypt’s ambassador to Portugal, before assuming his duties, to discuss ways to provide a new labor market for Egyptian workers in Portugal, that the Ministry of Manpower places the training and employment file as a top priority within the framework of the Egyptian state’s policies. Towards opening new horizons and cooperating with foreign countries, especially in the “job opportunities” file, explaining that the “Ministry” has all the mechanisms for coordination in order to care and protect Egyptian workers wishing to work abroad… For his part, the ambassador emphasized the depth of Egyptian-Portuguese relations in various fields, and that The “two countries” will sign a memorandum of understanding soon to cooperate and open a new labor market for Egyptian labor in the sectors (agriculture – tourism – and construction), appreciating the response of the Ministry of Manpower in cooperation to provide trained workers to work in Portugal.

5948..Internationally, the Minister of Manpower, Hassan Shehata, discussed with Eric Ochlan, Office Manager The International Labor Organization in Cairo presented a number of files of common interest. The Minister listened to Oshlan regarding his vision and analyzes.Regarding the results of the visit of the delegation of the International Labor Organization in Geneva headed by “Karen Curtis”, which visited “Cairo” a few days ago to strengthen labor relations, “Ochlan” announced his satisfaction with the results of that visit, and the appreciation of the “international delegation” for the progress made regarding the files: trade union freedoms, community dialogue and work The best, expressing the delegation’s satisfaction with the ministerial decision issued by “Shehata” No. 450 for the year

, by adopting the unified procedures manual for the establishment of trade union organizations, as a guide of the sustainability tools achieved by the project to strengthen labor relations and its institutions in Egypt, looking forward to more cooperation to activate and complete joint projects with the International Labor Organization of the United Nations in “issues of Work.”

Meeting Which brought together the “Minister” and the “International Official” within the General Office of the Ministry of Manpower, with the participation of a specialized delegation from “the two parties”, whose aim was to hear the “Minister” of the role of the “International Labor Organization” of the United Nations, in supporting the national plan to combat the worst forms of work Children and family support in Egypt 2018-2025 “National Action Plan”, which It was launched in the year

, which was emphasized in the “National Human Rights Strategy” that was launched in the year

. , as the Organization relies in its project in this regard on effective and continuous coordination with relevant development partners and national stakeholders, and monitoring of the continuous efforts of the social partners to eliminate child labor, in response to that “plan”..