The launch of the Creative Industry Summit, in its fifteenth edition, for the first time in Saudi Arabia

Aya Hussein

The Creative Industry Summit is launched in its fifth edition Ten and the first regional edition for the first time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center, in partnership with the Riyadh Chamber represented by the Publicity and Advertising Committee. October and its activities will continue until November 1, with the participation of elite speakers from inside and outside the Kingdom. The forum will also witness the organization of daily workshops, where a number of research papers will be participated in each workshop by speakers. The forum will hold an inaugural reception to celebrate the launch of the first edition of the event in the Kingdom on 2014 October, in the presence of the forum’s senior guests, businessmen, opinion leaders and Creative industries and public figures from the two countries, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Mai Salama, co-founder of the Creative Industry Forum, expressed Industry Summit, expressed its pride in partnering with the Riyadh Chamber to present the forum in its first regional edition and to host it in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, adding that this edition will discuss “the field of advertising, advertising and marketing communication” by hosting the largest talents from Saudi Arabia and Egypt in various creative fields such as advertising Marketing, Communications, NFTs, Digital Media and Content, to share experiences and open collaboration opportunities through a series of panel discussions, workshops and exhibitions. The summit also provides an opportunity to meet and communicate with leading companies in the creative fields and influential figures in the Saudi market, explaining that this Saudi-Egyptian cooperation in the advertising sector is an important step to encourage cooperation in the fields of organizing creative festive events by organizing conferences, speaking platforms, workshops, presentations and innovative exhibitions. In addition to developing and exchanging ideas between creativity and advertising experts in the two countries and building capacities through joint activities. For his part, the Chairman of the Publicity and Advertising Committee in the Chamber, Mr. Muhammad bin Abdulelah Al-Khuraiji, said that the forum represents an important support for the advertising industry, which is witnessing great growth in the Kingdom. Introducing the creative industry and spreading the culture of creativity to students and specialists, highlighting the investment opportunities in the sector with the prestigious houses of expertise in the Kingdom and Egypt, and contributing to the advancement of the advertising industry and raising awareness of the business community for this industry And put forward visions and proposals in a way that works to consolidate the principle of dialogue and participation with the advertising and advertising sectors, and to present successful global models in the field of advertising. The Publicity and Advertising Committee seeks, through the forum, which sheds light on the creative economy, to keep pace with the transformations that the advertising and advertising sector is witnessing in keeping with the vision of the Kingdom 2014 and its programs different, by expanding the scope of cooperation with giant companies locally, regionally and globally, and attracting the most prominent leaders of creativity makers in the world to exchange experiences and put forward discussions about the world of creativity and its industry. The forum includes a number of events and workshops in which a group of advertising experts in leading companies, Egyptian advertising experts, content designers, directors and influencers will speak. The workshops also discuss: “Advertising and how to deal with the creative task to be implemented.” “Brands and How to Create Influential Brands in the Middle East”, “The Art of Public Speaking”, while there will be a workshop on “Ways to combat stress from the goal and create a unique brand by letting go”

It is worth mentioning that the Creative Industry Summit was launched in
as the first and only platform in Egypt specialized in the field of creative industries to attract hundreds of prominent professionals from all over the world, for more than 8 years and

An event and a conference, the forum was able to enrich the creative thought of the participants, and grant training experiences to young people to create cadres with creative creative thought capable of promoting their industries and keeping pace with the successive developments in their fields of work, by extrapolating the most important Future developments in the creative industry fields and qualifying participants to face them and benefit from them in developing their businesses.