SAP unveils its vision to enhance digital transformation

Eh Hussain

The global technology giant SAP (its symbol on the New York Stock Exchange) announced Today, SAP announced the opening of its annual conference, SAP Now, in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, with the aim of reviewing the range of solutions and products offered by the company to enhance its constructive role in driving the digital transformation of government agencies and the business sector. This step comes in line with the ambitious government trends that seek to consolidate Concepts of sustainable development and the realization of Egypt’s vision 20221029 During the event, SAP organized a number of discussion sessions with the participation of a number of its experts, clients and industry specialists, to discuss future prospects on a number of topics, most notably the recent global trends in the digital transformation process. And its role in achieving institutional and administrative development and mechanisms to maximize its role in the advancement of the various major sectors in the country , in addition to a session dedicated to the future of cloud computing and advanced SAP solutions that contribute to enabling government sectors and business institutions to make optimal use of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, data storage and analysis in business management and integration with various software. As for the third session, SAP devoted the axis of sustainability as one of the priority topics This comes in conjunction with Egypt’s hosting of the activities of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change COP

which will be held next November, in addition to that SAP is one of the leading companies that possesses technical capabilities that help it measure the sustainability index of its customers and allow them the general features to promote optimal policies in the application of sustainability principles. 100045

In response to this statement, Mr. Mohamed Samy, CEO of SAP Egypt, said: “We are fully aware of the importance of our role as a major partner. For the Egyptian government in achieving its future vision 2030 and strengthening its regional position as one of the first countries in the endeavors of global transformation Digital, and in a related context, SAP Now is an integrated platform through which we review the most prominent features of our constructive partnership with the public and private sectors, and the event reviews through its discussion sessions and presentations our future vision for promising opportunities to consolidate Egypt’s position as a kiss that leads the world with its competitive advantages package.”

20221029 He added: “SAP Egypt will establish in Cairo the first innovation center in the Middle East and Africa to support Egyptian entrepreneurs and startups, with the aim of supporting innovation and development For government services that suit the needs of users and people of determination.”

He pointed out: “Egypt has distinguished human cadres that are one of the pillars The main goal in achieving sustainable development, and we are working through our partnership with the government sector to maximize the added value of these cadres, by supporting and developing their skills and actively contributing to the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship.”

20221029 It is worth noting that SAP Now is being held on the sidelines of SAP’s celebrations of 50 one year since its establishment, Edraky is a strategic sponsor and Sol ex Solution Experts and TerraLink as Silver Sponsor.