Haier Middle East and Africa reviews its strategy

Aya Hussain

Haier Smart Home achieved ), the leading home appliance brand, through its three-by-one localization strategy, has grown in many regions despite uncertainties in light of global inflation and industry downturn this year. The Middle East and Africa region is among these regions, where it achieved a growth rate of 30% , an increase of three times the growth rate of the sector. In order to maintain a good level of growth, the company held its annual press conference in 1396 in the Sharq region in October Middle and Africa.

The press conference was held in Dubai under the title “Transformation, Upgrade and Mutual Benefit”, as it was covered by more than

An international media outlet. During the conference, the company launched its development strategy for the Middle East and Africa, within multiple areas such as service, brand and growth scenarios, in addition to supporting the proposal for joint implementation of Haier’s strategy of localizing and enhancing the brand’s presence in cooperation with partners, and continuing to provide added value to customers. local development, achieving further development, in addition to improving the strategic direction of growth at the global level.

and review me Daping, CEO of Haier Middle East and Africa, during the press conference, presented the company’s current developments in the Middle East and Africa, and presented the company’s three-level brand strategy, which aims to create a comprehensive picture of the concept of advanced, intelligent and environmentally safe products. This strategy will enhance the transformation and further modernization of the brand, products, marketing, service delivery and supply chain to provide local customers with an innovative and smart home experience. During the press conference, the company launched the smart home strategy in the Middle East and Africa region. Planning is also underway to launch the Arabic language interface and smart script patterns that are most suitable for the local market next year. The process of localizing the smart home strategy will bring great benefits to customers for a more comfortable and convenient smart experience.

In addition , some major markets have shared their plans for the year , as “Hair Saudi Arabia” will launch its range of serial products based on smart platforms, which will meet different needs for domestic users and provide them with fast and professional installation service. For its part, Haier Egypt will strengthen its three-by-one strategy in the areas of marketing, research and development, and manufacturing, as Haier Egypt will operate the industrial zone, which is scheduled to be operational in the first quarter of the year
, to rapidly raise local manufacturing capabilities and provide customers in the Middle East and Africa with more quality and efficient local products.

With the debut of Haier Middle East and Africa Trading Company, the company will work to transform products, distribution channels and digitization, and continue to improve its ability to serve customers and consumers, and implement the brand strategy high quality. Haier Gulf also plans to build the first smart home experience store at the local level, focus on the interactive experience of offline touch points, provide comprehensive solutions to consumers in the Gulf, communicate with partners closely, and move forward in the interest of all parties.

Haier Smart Home continues to update its brand, products, marketing processes, supply chain and services, collaborate with multiple markets and apply its successful experience to scale Global, by moving forward with the implementation of the localization strategy for marketing, R&D, manufacturing and smart home strategy in the Middle East and Africa. The company is also working on improving the smart life experience for more consumers, and opening up a wider scope for its growth and development.