Cairo Festival City organizes “The Ultimate Rise” event to raise awareness of the importance of mental health

Aya Hussain

Cairo Festival City, a subsidiary of Al-Futtaim Real Estate Group, one of the Al-Futtaim Group companies, organized the “The Ultimate Rise” event for mental health, at “The Marquee”, affiliated to the Al-Futtaim Group.
The events included several lectures on various topics to promote Mental health In addition to spreading awareness of the importance of mental health and encouraging people to talk about their fears and psychological disorders within Egyptian society, which prevents many from seeking help. This event comes within the framework of Al-Futtaim Group’s keenness to play its role in community work, especially if we take into account that mental health is an integral part of public health.

In this context, many experts and specialists in the field of mental health, including Mr. Ismail Fouad Qassem, entrepreneur and consultant Human Relations and Life Skills, Mr. Ayman Ismail, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ahly Sports Facilities, Dr. Hesham Hegazy, Professor of Psychiatry and Psychiatrist at Baheya Foundation, Ms. Dina Shaaban, Fitness and Events Manager at Ignite Egypt, and Ms. Lolly Akram, active in The field of mental health, conducting panel discussions on various topics including the search for happiness, ways to support the mental health of employees at work, anxiety and depression in cancer patients, reducing shyness when seeking psychological help, and controlling the mind and body. During the day, Ms. Farah Nofal, fitness trainer, provided a free yoga session for the attendees, to enhance mental and physical energy.

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Baheya Foundation has provided free vouchers to visit the Foundation in order to perform the necessary medical examinations for early detection of the disease.
For his part, the engineer/ Ashraf Ezz El-Din Managing Director of Al-Futtaim Real Estate Group, said: “The organization of “The Ultimate Rise” is in line with the calls of the World Health Organization to take care of the mental health of individuals by dedicating a World Mental Health Day during the month of October each year. Through the “The Ultimate Rise” event, we were keen to focus on the necessity of raising community awareness of the importance of mental health and normalizing the request for help from specialized doctors when they feel the need, so that each individual can perform his duties and duties as well as form healthy relationships in the surrounding community.
This comes within the framework of Al-Futtaim Real Estate Group’s keenness To provide support to individuals and educate them about making mental and psychological health care a top priority for public health, as people who enjoy balanced mental health have a better chance of living a safe and happy life, and have greater opportunities for creativity and innovation, which help them achieve their goals and communicate with those around them in a positive manner. More positive.”

The worthy It is noteworthy that the Al-Futtaim Real Estate Group pays great attention to community work, especially related to public health, as it places it at the top of its list of priorities by focusing on the importance of giving and improving the quality of life for individuals. The Group is also keen to employ all its capabilities continuously to perform its social responsibility by serving noble goals that benefit the society as a whole.

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