The Minister of Manpower receives the Minister of Immigration to activate cooperation in joint files

Eh Hussein

Hassan Shehata, Minister of Manpower, received Ambassador Suha Gendy, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad Affairs, at the Ministry’s General Court, to discuss aspects of cooperation and joint files.

The Minister of Immigration expressed her happiness for holding this important meeting, which comes within the framework of cooperation, coordination and concerted governmental efforts to achieve the interest of Egyptians abroad, in implementation of the assignments of the political leadership, pointing out that there are many The joint files, and that the goal is one in protecting and caring for Egyptians abroad, noting that the Ministries of Immigration and Manpower are complementary to each other, and there are a number of challenges facing Egyptians abroad, and solving them requires achieving this cooperation. And it was stated in a press statement today, Monday, that the “Minister” reviewed a number of complaints, which are monitored and received by the Ministry of Immigration, stressing the importance of holding awareness sessions for everyone who is about to travel to work abroad to know their rights and duties according to each country, pointing to the role of the Egyptian-German Center For Jobs, Migration and Reintegration, of the Ministry of Immigration, in training youth, as well as the Ministry’s role in the initiative Presidential “Boats of Life” to educate young people about the dangers of illegal immigration, and to provide them with safe alternatives. Several common files of interest to Egyptian workers and immigrants abroad, stressing that the Ministry of Manpower is keen to take care and protect Egyptian workers abroad through the Ministry’s labor representation offices in Egyptian embassies that work to solve all the problems facing this “employment”, and communicate with them to make them aware of their rights and duties.

The Minister also emphasized the role of the “Ministry” in training and qualifying Egyptian workers through fixed training centers and mobile training units on the professions he needs. The labor market, where training units are transferred between the villages most in need to cover the largest possible number of young people, within the framework of the “Your profession is your future” initiative launched by the Ministry within the presidential initiative “A decent life”.

The meeting reviewed activating means of cooperation Regarding Egyptian workers abroad, and Coordination between the complaints systems in both ministries with regard to employment problems, with the aim of raising the efficiency of the service provided to Egyptians abroad, as well as coordinating to find an early warning mechanism that monitors collective problems that Egyptian workers may face abroad, and joint work to solve these problems, in addition to how Absorption of Egyptian workers returning from abroad, through training them in the training centers of the Ministry of Manpower, to rehabilitate them for the labor market, or to employ them. Vocational training and the professions that are trained through the fixed and mobile training centers of the Ministry, within the framework of the “Your profession is your future” initiative within the presidential initiative “A Dignified Life.” A video was also shown about the mobile units that included meetings with the trainees and the benefit they achieved from this training. In this regard, it was agreed to cooperate and coordinate to provide vocational training opportunities in villages exporting illegal immigration within the framework of the two presidential initiatives “A Dignified Life” and “Survival Boats”, as part of the “Your profession is your future” initiative through the training units. Dreb mobile, to qualify them for the local or foreign labor market, as safe alternatives to illegal immigration that puts our youth at risk.

On the sidelines of the meeting, Minister Hassan Shehata accompanied Ambassador Suha Jundi to inspect a model of training units and mobile cars that are being equipped. Completely at the Ministry’s headquarters, which provides training in the professions of detailing, sewing, electricity and plumbing, in the governorates, where the Minister of Immigration expressed her great pride and admiration for the idea that may appear simple but innovative and contribute to reaching young people in their place of residence, praising its role in building capacities and skills development among Our youth.

The two ministers also inspected the Egyptian labor services unit abroad, which aims to provide citizens with access to services easily, conveniently and properly, and to ensure that they do not face any problems or obstacles while receiving services, and to finish their procedures easily and disciplined, as well as They inspected the training unit that is being equipped to train and educate Egyptian workers about their rights and duties before traveling abroad. In this regard, Minister Ambassador Suha Gendy expressed her happiness with the equipment in the unit, stressing that it is a wonderful model for serving citizens.

The meeting was attended by the Ministry of State for Immigration: Ambassador Amr Abbas, Assistant Minister for Communities Affairs, Maha Salem, Media Adviser and Official Spokesperson, Doaa Qadri, Director of the Minister’s Office, Salma Abdel Nasser, Assistant Minister, and from the Ministry of Manpower: Ihab Abdel Atti, Legal Adviser To the Minister, Amal Abdel Mawgoud, Head of the Central Department of Foreign Relations, Eng. Ayman Qatamesh, Head of the Central Department for Vocational Training at the Ministry of Manpower, Abdel Wahab Khader, Media Adviser and Official Spokesperson, Moheeb Abu Zaid, Responsible for Employment Abroad,. To learn about the initiative “Your profession is your future” through this link: ?v=K_XIgPmsSo4&t=59s