“Agriculture”: Inspection of 417 centers for the sale and circulation of veterinary medicines and vaccines at the level of the Republic

Fathi Al-Sayeh

In the framework of the directives of Mr. Al-Qusair, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, and Engineer Mostafa El-Sayyad, Deputy Minister of Agriculture for Livestock, Fish and Poultry Resources, for the directorates of veterinary medicine in the governorates, to launch magnifying campaigns on veterinary drug sales and circulation centers in various governorates to detect any violations related to the registration of veterinary drugs or the circulation of prohibited drugs or that were produced in a way that violates the Egyptian standard specifications, and to take all legal measures Towards closing them or legalizing their conditions in accordance with the requirements set by the competent authorities. The Water Bodies Police launched a magnifying campaign throughout the Republic, where the campaign passed and inspected 682 a center for the sale and circulation of medicines and vaccines in the governorates during the month of October 2022 A violation center was detected between working without a license and the presence of expired medicines woo The presence of prohibited or unknown drugs, and the necessary records of the violations were made.


An administrative decision to close the violating clinics and veterinary centers that operate without a license, with a number of (
) A veterinary facility in the governorates: (Sharqia – Qalyubia – Dakahlia – Giza – Matrouh – Alexandria – Gharbia – Beni Suef – Qena – Aswan – Damietta – Fayoum – Menoufia), 6 misdemeanors were made in the governorates of Kafr El-Sheikh , Beni Suef, and (10) administrative minutes were made in the governorates: Kafr El-Sheikh – Qalyubia – Fayoum – Damietta – Menoufia.

The closing decisions have been implemented for a number of (
) veterinary centers in violation of the governorates: Dakahlia – Beni Suef – Sharkia.

For his part, Dr. Abdel Hakim Mahmoud, head of the General Authority for Veterinary Services, confirmed that the authority has adopted several executive and control measures on medicines, vaccines and veterinary preparations to ensure the vaccines produced, whether from the public or private sector, track their distribution and storage locations, and review the chain of transmission. Mail for vaccines to ensure that they reach the breeders in good condition.