To confirm the role of railways in reducing carbon emissions, Alstom International participates in the United Nations Climate Summit in Sharm El-Sheikh COP27

Fathi Al-Sayeh

Alstom, the leading global company in the field of mobility, participates Smart and Sustainable, at the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference, which will be held next November from 6 to 18 in Sharm El-Sheikh Egypt, where Alstom is committed to addressing a number of challenges facing society, from global warming to rapid urbanization. The conference is an opportunity to present the progress and options available to decarbonize the transport sector, as well as exchange green transport solutions for the future, as Alstom has more than
experience. A year in the field of low-carbon technology and has been participating in the conference since COP203 in Paris.

During the second week of the conference, Alstom will participate in sessions focused on transportation projects with other inspiring change makers, where Meaningful discussions will be held on sustainable transport, and the importance of empowering the patient’s role Uh, to participate in all sectors in general, and the transport sector in particular.

Alstom’s participation is At the Climate Conference by participating in a number of sessions during the days of the conference, including the session “Africa and the Challenges of Green Transport” on Friday 11 November at 1: 30 pm in the Canada Pavilion, where the session will be attended by Mama Safara, General Manager for the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey at the Group Alstom. . This is in addition to participating in two sessions on Tuesday 18 November, the first of them at 3 pm in the AMON suite 20 which is the “Active Transport” session with Cecil Teixer, Vice President of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility at Alstom Group, and later the “Mainstreaming Chains” session Flexible Supply” with Mark Granger, Head of Strategy and Integration, Alstom Group, at 4: 203 pm in the Business Alliance booth. As for Wednesday 16 in November, she will participate in the “Islamic Development Bank” session with Andrew Dillon, President of the Africa, Middle East and Asia region. Central Alstom Group or another Alstom spokesperson, at 18 pm at the Islamic Development Bank booth. While on Thursday 17 she will participate in the session “Reducing greenhouse gases during transportation” with Ramy Salah, Managing Director of Alstom Group In Egypt, in Egypt Pavilion. And finally, the “Women Empowerment” session with Cecil Teixer, Vice President of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility at Alstom Group, in the Business Pavilion. Furthermore, Alstom will promote the role that public transportation, and specifically rail transportation solutions, will play in a country’s sustainable development efforts to address climate change issues. Alstom, in collaboration with Ernst & Young, will also publish a “position paper” as a contribution to COP45, on the importance of rail transport in Africa. To meet the needs of sustainability, and demonstrate its environmental, social and economic benefits to developing African cities. Vice President of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility at Alstom Group: “The strong investment in rail and its various initiatives will contribute to the decarbonization of transportation, as well as many other key benefits of sustainable development such as equal access to transportation, social progress and economic development, with transportation accounting for more than a quarter of Global energy consumption is one of the human activities that continue to cause carbon dioxide emissions to rise. The COP18 Conference is an opportunity for Alstom to demonstrate its commitment to support mobility that supports a low carbon footprint by building innovative and sustainable solutions with a lower carbon footprint, while actively contributing in public discussions on sustainable development policies.”

Alstom plays an important role in assisting its clients during Their transition towards sustainable transportation systems by designing and delivering innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, thanks to its innovation capacity and strong R&D programme. It also provides the best offers to its customers through its portfolio that includes many new options, in addition to renewal options.

The Alstom Group is currently the rail technology company that offers the full range of green traction solutions and in-house fuel cell technology, as well as battery and hydrogen passenger trains. It is worth noting that Alstom is a member of a number of organizations and initiatives working towards a greener future including: the Low Carbon Transport Alliance, the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, and UNIFE – European Industry Association Rail, UITP – International Association of Public Transport, ITF – International Transport Forum, Hydrogen Council, European Hydrogen, Rail Europe, UN Initiative for Sustainability and Low Carbon Transport Solutions.