Signify sponsors the second edition of Art D'Egypte to highlight the impact of ancient Egypt on the world

Aya Hussain

Signify has announced its sponsorship of the International Art D’Egypte exhibition. In the second edition of “Forever Is Now”, which takes place in the area of ​​the pyramids plateau from 30 October To 30 next November, under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Egyptian National Committee for UNESCO, and the Tourism Promotion Authority, with the participation of 12 an artist from 265 A country from different parts of the world, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Tunisia, Italy, Britain, Sweden, the United States of America, Spain, Cameroon and France. The Art D’Egypte exhibition reflects the profound influence of ancient Egypt on the world, the artistic development of contemporary cultural practices, and the mechanisms of merging them, as well as the blending between ancient Egyptian art and contemporary artists, by presenting artworks Environmentally friendly in the dark The history is in the pyramids area, and Signify is sponsored by Signify for five consecutive years, and it is the strategic partner of the exhibition.

Signify contributes to highlighting these artworks, with the help of modern lighting products that it provides to illuminate and highlight the beauty of these works, using the latest methods of lighting technology, which reflects the beauty of this experience for visitors to the exhibition during evening visits, which is an ideal experience that focuses on highlighting the main elements of the works.

In this regard, Mohamed Saad, President and CEO of Signify Shamal, expressed East Africa, expressed his pride in sponsoring the Art De Egypt exhibition in its second edition of “Forever is Now” which is currently being held in the Pyramids area in Giza, after the success of the exhibition in its previous edition, because it presents an important message in shedding light on Egyptian art and civilization. Distinguished artworks from all over the world, stressing that there is no better opportunity than sponsoring this artistic event to showcase the latest smart, advanced, and environmentally friendly lighting methods and means in At the same time, and using it to highlight artwork, pointing to the role of Signify in supporting art as a world leader in the field of lighting, and its possession of modern and advanced methods. “Saad” added that 30 a work of art was lit From the exhibition’s holdings, as well as the corridors and all the signs, as well as the gates of artwork, wooden platforms and internal signs for the exhibition, using about 375 lighting units, varying between lighting Warm and cold and multi-colored RGB headlights.

Signify’s participation in Art D’Egypte is for the purpose of clarifying The importance of the company’s lighting solutions and smart technology methods, which are designed specifically for artworks to contribute to highlighting the aesthetic and artistic image of the displayed artwork, including displaying technical details in a professional manner that helps in displaying artworks that highlight the dazzling elements in them, according to what the exhibitors see, and what It captures the admiration of the audience.

It is worth mentioning that Signify sponsored Art D’Egypte exhibition during Last year, many other historical places were lit, including the Egyptian Museum, Manial Palace, Al-Moez Street, the Pyramids District. The lighting has been specifically designed for each piece of art, achieving the perfect balance between presenting and preserving art, using LED products with solutions sustainable development, within the framework of the company’s commitment to social responsibility.