El Sewedy Technical Academy celebrates the graduation of a new batch of students for the academic year 2021-2022

Eh Hussein

Al-Suwaidi Technical Academy celebrated yesterday the graduation of a new batch of its students for the academic year

-2022 under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and technical education, and the batch includes 266 male and female students in various disciplines, and the academy also celebrated the completion of the training for employment project funded by the Sawiris Foundation for Development, which includes training and employment 200 of young people in various disciplines.

The celebration that was held in the industrial zone of the 10th of Ramadan city PIPARKS in the presence of Dr. Mohamed Mujahid – Deputy Minister of Education and Technical Education and Mr. Walid Gamal El-Din – President of the Suez Canal Economic Zone and a large number of senior attendees, honoring the students who achieved the top ten positions at the level of the Republic in the 3-year dual technical education system (industrial and commercial) and their number is 22 male and female graduates of the Academy.

This year, the Academy witnessed the graduation of a batch of students in different specializations and the appointment of 200 % of graduates through the annual recruitment forum held by the Academy, in the field of logistics For example, 21 was appointed as a student at DB Schenker Company, and in the field of iron, 200 was appointed A student of the Suez Iron and Steel Company, and in the framework of cooperation with A. with me. BI, 21 male and female students majoring in industrial electronics have been graduated in addition to other partners from the private sector such as Egy Plast, Escramico, El Sewedy Cables, El Sewedy Transformers and El Sewedy SEDCO.

In addition to honoring the Academy’s student team that won the CERN Beamline Competition for International Schools in Physics, consisting of 21 A male and female student from El-Sewedy Technical Academy led by university student Mahmoud El-Rashidi and Eng. Malek Hegazy, the first team representing Egypt and the Middle East to win this competition.

Eng. Ahmed El-Sewedy, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of El-Sewedy Electric stated, A new batch of students and trainees, based on our belief that education is the cornerstone for building a strong and prosperous economy. We hope that these new graduates will contribute to advancing the economy and have a positive impact on the labor market. We are also pleased to prepare for the establishment of the fourth branch of the Academy to meet the growing demand for this type. From the education that meets the needs of the labor market.”

Engineer Ahmed Al-Suwaidi added: “We focus our efforts in Elsewedy Electric to support and develop Technical education system by taking advantage of distinguished education systems in the world, and we aim to prepare a generation of technicians and technicians according to the latest global educational standards.” “Suez Steel is proud of the fruitful cooperation with El Sewedy Technical Academy in order to prepare a new generation specialized in the steel industry to meet the requirements of new projects in Egypt, which reflects the development of dual technical education and the success of the educational curriculum developed in partnership between Suez Steel Company, El Sewedy Technical Academy and the Ministry of Education, Technical Education and German Chamber of Industry.”

Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Khalek, Director of Health, Safety and Sustainability at ABB-Egypt, said: “The El Sewedy Academy for Technical Education is an example of an effective partnership with the private sector to contribute to Implementation of national strategies by enhancing employment opportunities for Egyptian youth in line with the needs of the various economic sectors and the local and international labor market.” A technician with the aim of providing training opportunities within the “Training for Employment” program on professional, technical and life programs that qualify for the labor market, in various fields aimed at developing the technical skills of young people through a set of courses that contribute to raising their efficiency and skills to meet the actual needs of the labor market during the project period (18 months), and enhances the competitive opportunity for young people to get a decent job opportunity.

Engineer Nora Selim, Director The executive director of the Sawiris Foundation stated that: “Training for employment and qualifying young cadres for the requirements of the labor market was the main objective of establishing the Sawiris Foundation 200 years ago, which was able to It contributes to providing job opportunities for more than a thousand male and female beneficiaries, through the programs of the economic empowerment sector in the institution, and also through contributing to the development of various fields of vocational and technical education. Today, we are proudly witnessing the graduation of a new batch of 200 trainees from the Training for Employment Program, with our partners from the El Sewedy Foundation, El Sewedy Technical Academy, and the Egyptian German Academy for Technical Training, who are proud of the partnership And work with them in training technical cadres in various industrial fields, in order to enhance and raise the efficiency of technical workers and support the Egyptian economy.”

The celebration witnessed the announcement of the establishment of a new branch soon in Suez Governorate SOKHNA 2022 After the success of the two branches of the Academy in the Tenth of Ramadan in Sharkia Governorate, which has a capacity of 1700 male and female students, and the second branch in Port Said Governorate through the School of Applied Technology with a capacity of

male and female students.

The first batch has been attached to the new branch of the El-Sewedy Academy and the Technical Housing and Development Bank in Sadat City, which includes 200 ) male and female students, in the academic year 2022-2023 in a temporary headquarters in Sadat City “Silicone Oasis” until the completion of the construction of the new building in cooperation with the Housing and Development Bank in 2023

and share with The celebration included a number of banks, CEOs of partner companies and factories such as Suez Iron and Steel, DB Schenker and Sawiris Foundation for Development, academic and international partners from Finland and Germany, a number of important personalities, and some students, graduates and trainees.