During the speech of the Minister of Trade and Industry at the closing session of the Forum and the First International Exhibition for Industry

Fathy Al-Sayeh

A comprehensive strategy is being finalized for the development and development of the Egyptian industry in coordination with business organizations

Unprecedented interest from the state in the industrial sector as it is a locomotive of economic development and one of the main pillars for achieving comprehensive and sustainable development

Eng. Ahmed Samir, Minister of Trade and Industry confirmed that the approval of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to grant the golden license For all investors, it represents a great breakthrough for the business community in Egypt and is a cornerstone for the advancement of the industrial sector and the increase of local and global investment flows into the national economy. And cooperation with all business organizations, especially the Federation of Industries, pointing out that the strategy is scheduled to be completed within the next 3 months. The First International for Industry” which was organized by the Federation of Egyptian Industries and coincides with the centenary of its establishment The Union is one of the largest and oldest employers’ organizations in Egypt.

The Minister indicated that the industrial sector is receiving great attention and unprecedented care from the Egyptian state, led by His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, who attaches importance to this sector during the current stage. It is great because it is the locomotive of economic development and one of the main pillars for achieving comprehensive and sustainable development for the Egyptian state. The competitiveness of the Egyptian industry, especially with regard to infrastructure projects.

Samir noted that the state’s efforts in the field of establishing new cities and implementing national projects and development initiatives, including the initiative of a decent life, contributed to increasing the demand for local products. , especially under the directives of His Excellency the President that the needs of these projects be supplied from the Egyptian industry, which reflects the state’s keenness to encourage dependence on the national industry and thus increase industrial production rates and provide more job opportunities for young people.

The Minister drew attention to concerted efforts to provide a legislative environment conducive to investment in various economic sectors in general and in the industrial sector in particular, which contributed to the issuance of a number of laws affecting the increase in investment attractiveness in the Egyptian market, as well as the law organizing the Federation of Industries No. 70 for the year 2019.

He indicated that the sponsorship and participation of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in this The event reflects the importance and position of the industrial sector for the leadership of the Egyptian state and its government, expressing his hopes that the recommendations issued by the forum will contribute to setting a road map for the future of the Egyptian industry and achieving the state’s vision and objectives towards transferring and settling modern technology and preparing for the fourth industrial revolution, digital transformation and green industry.

The Minister expressed his sincere thanks to the Federation of Egyptian Industries for its good organization of this event, which witnessed the launch of the “Start” initiative. Al-Masry and increase its investments in order to maintain the rotation of the production wheel and to preserve employment during the period of time The Minister pledged to develop the work system within the Industrial Development Authority and fully implement the Industrial Development Law.

On his part, Eng. Mohamed Al-Suwaidi, President of the Federation of Industries, confirmed that the industrial sector is currently witnessing great momentum, especially in light of the assignments that President Sisi directed it during the conference, which is related to the issuance of the golden license to all investors, in a way that contributes to removing the obstacles facing investors, and the state’s readiness to partner with investors in the projects of the National Initiative for the Development of Industry “Begin”, noting that the local industry is the second line of defense in Egypt, which was able to Overcoming the challenges it faced in recent years as a result of internal and external crises.

Al-Suwaidi thanked all the parties that contributed to the success of the Forum and the First International Exhibition for Industry and the success of the exhibition in highlighting the Egyptian manufacturing capabilities as well as the societal role of industrial institutions in Community service and the advancement of technical and professional employment to meet the needs of the industry, expressing the Union’s aspiration to hold this forum and exhibition annually with the participation of businessmen from different countries of the world to review the current development Which the national industry is witnessing year after year.

The President of the Federation of Industries referred to the great role of the Minister of Trade and Industry during his tenure as chair of the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives in preparing the law on the preference of local product in government contracts and the law on the independence of the Federation of Egyptian Industries , pointing to the importance of removing bureaucratic obstacles facing investors, especially the procedures associated with the Industrial Development Authority.