Aramco and (IBM) intend to establish a center for digital innovation in the Kingdom

A. Hussain

Saudi Aramco and (IBM) both announced ), listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol NYSE: IBM, today announced initial plans for strategic cooperation to establish a global center for digital innovation in the Kingdom. This cooperation aims to support economic growth in the Kingdom through advanced technologies; By making use of artificial intelligence and quantum computers in several areas, including: circular economy, materials science, supply chain, sustainability, cybersecurity, and digitization. Commenting on this, the Senior Vice President of Technical Services at Saudi Aramco, Ahmed Al-Saadi, explained that the strategic cooperation between Saudi Aramco and (IBM) in the field of research and development, and the exchange of experiences, represents a starting point for achieving great progress. Quality and potential leaps in the energy sector that will have a great impact on the national and global industry level, noting that through this cooperation Aramco seeks to benefit from advanced developments in the field of computing, which contribute to driving economic growth and enabling digital innovation, and environmental sustainability.2011164421
He stressed that Saudi Aramco is the leading global company in the field of energy and chemicals, which supports the sustainable and diversified expansion of the Kingdom’s economy, and contributes in establishing a dynamic, sustainable and globally competitive Saudi energy sector.

Company (IB M) in the Middle East and Africa Saad Touma said that through this strategic cooperation with Saudi Aramco, IBM aims to strengthen its commitment to be part of the Kingdom’s future by aligning with the Kingdom’s ambitious vision in the field of digital economy, and hopes that this cooperation will help develop skills and competencies The local government has the knowledge and experience necessary to build this vision for the future using IBM’s technologies and expertise. In the plans of the two companies, Saudi Aramco and IBM will collaborate to identify potential opportunities and apply technologies to address the sustainability challenges of Saudi Aramco and the energy sector. The goal is to accelerate the exploration of climate adaptation solutions using hybrid clouds, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, to help reduce carbon emissions and counteract the effects of climate change in line with the Kingdom’s vision of sustainability.
Saudi Aramco and IBM also plan to collaborate to identify opportunities to apply the technology to meet the challenges of supply chain efficiency and resilience, and to achieve higher efficiency across the supply chain.2011164421

The planned Innovation Center aims to bring together IBM Consulting and Technology experts to work alongside Saudi Aramco experts in Identifying potentially technologically impactful new uses, trying to demonstrate feasibility through a flexible approach, and then scaling up these innovations. This center is one of the first centers in the region that will apply the (IBM Garage) methodology to co-create and develop digital solutions with Saudi Aramco and others.

It is worth noting that (IBM) has a long history of working with the energy sector, and it works in the UK A year ago 1947, when the first computer was installed in Aramco. This new cooperation is subject to the two parties reaching a final agreement.